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Welcome to 2B!


Welcome to 2B. This year we are going to be Superhero learners!

We'll have a superhero mindset and make sure we use our Admirable Attitudes indecision rather than listen to Villainous Views devil. This will make us the best learners ever!


Summer Term 1

This term we are learning about plants, animals and their habitats. We are looking at how they are adapted to their environment. We are also learning about life cycles and food chains.

Spring Term 1


This term, our link learning is called 'A Spoonful of Sugar'.

We will be concentrating on staying healthy- learning about healthy eating and the five different food groups; having an exercise week and keeping a food and exercise diary for our homelearning; understanding why sleep is important and finally, putting all of this into a 'Staying Healthy' Leaflet in Literacy.

Why don't you come back and look at our leaflets when we've finished them? How informative they will be!


Alongside healthy eating, exercise and sleeping, we will be learning about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. We will find out how they made hospitals better places and try to decide which of their contributions we think was the most important. We will be doing this using a 'Diamond 9' decision board. When we've discussed it, we will put it on this page for you to have a go!






Autumn Term 2


This term we will be learning all about the Great Fire Of London. We will be finding out how it started, why it spread so fast, how it was put out and what was done to make sure it never happened again. We will have a magical task set to do for homelearning. We could make a model, some bread or even write a diary entry. How imaginative can we be?


Here are some of our magical tasks. Aren't they amazing? How clever we are!


This term it is also anti-bullying week. We believe everyone has the right to be happy- we don't want bullies in our school.


It will soon be Christmas and we have already performed our Christmas play. We performed  'Babushka' and were amazing! We have also had our Christmas party. What a fun time we had!




In design and technology, we have been solving a dilemma for Father Christmas! As it doesn't usually snow in Sittingbourne at Christmas, we designed a sleigh with wheels for him to use. We had to investigate vehicles; looking at axles, wheels and the chassis. We then made and evaluated our sleighs. We had to measure and use a hacksaw to cut the axles (making sure we learnt how to use one safely!), discuss why stoppers were needed to keep the wheels in place and also decided how to decorate the sleigh. We then added a working headlamp for Santa by making a complete electrical circuit. Our sleighs were brilliant! We're sure Father Christmas will like them smiley.




Autumn Term 1

This term we will be learning about materials, their properties and their uses. We will be using this knowledge to build a bridge for Grannie Island's tractor and writing an information text for Year 1 to teach them all about materials.

We will also be performing in our Year group assembly, all about Katie Morag. How exciting that will be!


Clay Tiles

Look at our amazing clay tiles. We  carefully drew our own houses and then used tools to make a picture of them on our tiles. We painted and glazed them and they look absolutely brilliant! smiley


NSPCC Dance-a-thon

On Friday we had a dance-a-thon to raise funds for the NSPCC. We believe every child has the right to be safe and happy so we had a great day dancing every time the school bell rang (at least once every 45 minutes) to support this great cause. Here are some of our great dance moves! frown

Bridge Making in Pyjamas!


Oh No! Grannie Island is stuck! Redburn Bridge has fallen down and she can't get her tractor across the river to Katie Morag's house. What will she do? We decided to help her by using all our knowledge of materials to build her a new one.

We did it in our pyjamas as well- we had 10 marbles in our jar noindecision so chose a PJ day as our treat. It was great fun building bridges in our pyjamas!!



We then had to explain our choice of materials. Here are some of our explanations:


"We used wood because it is rigid and strong."

"We used the plastic cups to hold up the bridge in the river as plastic is waterproof."

"Did you know wood is absorbent? That's why we've covered it in metal tin foil because tin foil is waterproof. The wood won't rot away then!"

"Lolly sticks are rigid and smooth so they aren't too bumpy for the tractor to drive on !"


What great explanations we gave for our choices! smiley