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The summer holidays have arrived..Yippee!

We would just like to say a big Thank you  for all the lovely cards, presents and warm wishes.

​​​​​​It has been a privilege teaching in Year 3. The children have had fun and learnt lots too! 


We wish you all a great summer holiday.


Stay safe and enjoy the sunshine!☀️

Mrs Hutton and Mrs Thakur 

Our class trip to Canterbury Cathedral


On Wednesday 21st June 3HT and 3JB visited Canterbury Cathedral. 

We are very grateful to all the staff and parents who came with us - Thank  Youno


We had an amazing time doing lots of fun activities.

We dressed up and retold the story of King Henry and Thomas Beckett; visited the Thomas Beckett stained glass window and the Miracle Windows too. 

Our tour guide also showed us something that looks very much like an object from Harry Potter!!!  Can you guess what it is? 


Story of Thomas Beckett

Story of Thomas Beckett 1
Story of Thomas Beckett 2
Story of Thomas Beckett 3
Story of Thomas Beckett 4
Story of Thomas Beckett 5
Story of Thomas Beckett 6
Story of Thomas Beckett 7
Story of Thomas Beckett 8
Story of Thomas Beckett 9
Story of Thomas Beckett 10
Story of Thomas Beckett 11

We made our own pilgrim's badge, made our own stained glass windows and even had a go at being a stonemason.


We also really enjoyed the challenge of trying to make the arches but it was tricky because we had to fit the pieces together correctly! 

Welcome to Term 6

Well here we are almost at the end of Year 3 hasn’t the time gone quickly?sad

We are really proud of how hard you have all worked and how much you have

Luckily we still have a term left and there is still more to learn and more fun to be had - Yippeefrown 


Our topic this term is Light and will cover work in Science, English and Art.

In Science, children will take an active role in investigating light and dark in order to learn about shadows and reflections.  They will also learn about the dangers of the sun and create their own information posters.,204,203,200_.jpg,204,203,200_.jpg









In English we will be reading The Dark, Leon and the Place between, The Tear Thief and a brilliant narrative poem called “The Man from Space”, which has been illustrated by Gale Whitman.   


In Art we will be looking at Gale Whitman’s art-work and re-creating our own “motion” pictures using the I-pads and a variety of media including pastels and acrylic paints. 


In Maths we are revisiting the four rules of operations +, - x ÷; learning about angles ; solving word problems involving money.It is really important that children keep practising their times tables and learn different words for the four operations.














In RE, children will investigate the story of Thomas Beckett and learn about the importance of Canterbury Cathedral as a place of pilgrimage. As part of our learning we will be visiting Canterbury Cathedral.


In ICT we will be learning how to create and write our own BLOG page on the school website.

We will be practising a variety of athletic activities for Sports days and children will need to have their PE kit in school every day (due to the weather).



PE kit is needed EVERYDAYfrown (Due to the erratic weather!)wink

Spellings are given out by Monday (sometimes it’s a Tuesday) and will be tested the following Monday.   

Please also remember to practise reading the words and using them in a sentence.


Reading – Your child should aim to read for at least 15 minutes every day. Please make sure you sign to say your child has read.

There are reading rewards on offer for the children who read regularly - so get reading! 


Welcome back Year 3

We hope you had a fantastic Easter break!

Our topic this term is ”Waves” and will cover learning in English, Science and Art.

In English we will be reading the brilliant book “Dolphin Boy” by Michael Morpurgo. The children will then be writing their own version of the story.  We will also read non-fiction texts about dolphins and whales. Finally, we will end the term with a spooky tale from Pie Corbett called “The Nightmare Man”.


In Maths we are continuing with Times Tables challenges- so keep learning them at home. This term we will be revisiting fractions, word problems and types of angle.   Please keep visiting Matific and Bug-club to complete the activities that have been set for you in English and Maths.


In RE we will be learning about how important events are celebrated in Judaism including ceremonies for birth, marriage, becoming an adult (Bar Mitzvah).

In order to help children understand the significance of these ceremonies they will be given the opportunity to reflect on how these events are celebrated in their family. 


As part of our PSHE and DT work we will be reading Silly Billy by Anthony Brown and then designing and making our own worry dolls.


We are really lucky to have Andy coaching the children for football every Friday so it is important that children have their full PE kits.  As the days are still a little chilly they can also wear a tracksuit/jogging suit.


In Art our work will focus on The Wave by Japanese artist, Katsushika Hokusai.

(Source: British Museum Website)

Children will make explore his work by creating their own colour washes, pencil drawings, paintings and collage of his famous woodblock print.

There is currently an exhibition of his work at the British Museum , if you are interested in visiting  - children go free! 


Children have already had a go at drawing their own version of “The Wave”

The Wave by 3HT

The Wave by 3HT 1
The Wave by 3HT 2
The Wave by 3HT 3
The Wave by 3HT 4
The Wave by 3HT 5
The Wave by 3HT 6
The Wave by 3HT 7
The Wave by 3HT 8
The Wave by 3HT 9
The Wave by 3HT 10
The Wave by 3HT 11
The Wave by 3HT 12

In Science we will be learning about sound waves. Children will investigate how sound travels, how we hear and what factors affect pitch and volume.

We began our topic by exploring 3 key questions.

It was an extremely loud but fun session.

The children already have some fantastic ideas about how we hear.  Take a look and see...

Investigating sound


PE kit is needed every Fridayfrown

Spellings are given out by Monday (sometimes it’s a Tuesday frown) and will be tested the following Monday.   

Practise daily to help you remember them and try to use the word in a sentence e so that you understand how to use it.

Reading – Your child should aim to read for at least 15 minutes every day. Please make sure you sign to say they have read.

There are reading rewards on offer for the children who read regularly - so get reading !laugh




Year 3 recorders

Still image for this video
Pupils in Year 3 have been learning to play the recorder since September. They can recognise and play notes and are able to play simple tunes.
Enjoy listening to them play!

Term 4 is called 'The world around us' and we will be studying rain-forests. We will be comparing the stunning Amazon rain-forest with the magnificent North American rain-forest and reading two wonderful stories that feature these rain-forests. As part of our science, we will be looking at how bones and muscles function and the importance of nutrition for healthy growth. During the term, the children will be keeping a food diary and will be asked to find the meanings of words such as carbohydrate, fat and protein.

This term we will be proudly presenting our assembly! 


Term 3 has been a fantastic journey learning all about the Romans. We have explored Roman lifestyle and culture and learnt lots of amazing new facts. We have read lots of fascinating Roman myths and legends and even had an opportunity to write our own super legends.

Please don't forget that Roman projects need to be completed and handed in by Thursday 9th of February when we will be showcasing them at our extravagant Roman feast. 


As part of our science we have had lots of fun, investigating plants and learning all about them in collaborative teams. 

Before our topic on plants we set the children the challenge of labelling a plant and telling us everything they already knew about plants.   We discovered that the children had a lot of prior knowledge as well as lots of interesting questions.

We used this information to help us plan our subsequent science lessons.


In order to learn about the different parts of a flower and their functions, we were set the task of dissecting a tulip - it was real science fun!


On 1st February 2017, vicars from Holy Trinity church visited our school.  We asked questions and learnt a lot about being a vicar, Jesus and the church. 

Learning about plants

Vicar visit

Vicar visit 1

Term 2 is here already and Christmas is just around the corner.

Our topics this term are: The Bronze Age and Celts, Electricity and of course Christmas. So far, we are extremely pleased with how the children have settled in and how hard they have worked. We hope they keep this up through the hectic Term to come. Thanks for supporting your child's reading and home learning. This really improves their confidence at tackling concepts covered in class.


Now the grey days of winter are upon us, your child will need to bring a warm coat or jacket, gloves and scarf. Don't forget tracksuit trousers for PE as these are essential. As the cold weather makes children hungry, a snack for break is advisable. Water bottles are still needed to keep your child hydrated.


We are looking forward to our Christmas production this year and will be holding speaking part auditions on Wednesday 2nd November at 12.30pm in the Beech House (Year 3 area). Every child will have their moment on stage and we look forward to seeing you in the audience.


Even though it is still October, we want to be the first to wish you Merry Christmas. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Welcome to Year 3. We hope you had a great holiday and are ready for the exciting things ahead.

In Term 1 our topic is 'Stones and Bones' and covers Stone Age man, rocks, fossils and cave paintings.

Our PE sessions will take place on both Monday and Tuesday afternoons, so please make sure your child has their PE kit. As in previous years, Home Learning for English will be given out on Mondays and Maths on Fridays.

Please remember that in Key Stage 2, fruit is not provided for the children for morning and afternoon snacks. We suggest some fruit or vegetable snacks will keep their hunger pangs at bay. As the weather is still warm, children should bring a named water bottle into school to keep them hydrated throughout the day.

We hope you have a wonderful time in Year 3.