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Term 6

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Well here we are in the final term of Year 3!  We have an amazing term ahead of us beginning with our school trip to Canterbury Cathedral but we also have Sports Day, Sponsored Walk, Creative Arts week and French week to look forward to.


Our topic this term is Light and Canterbury Cathedral and this will form the basis of our work in Science, Art and Literacy.



Children will learn how we see, how light travels and investigate how shadows are formed. 

Visit   to learn more


To begin with, children will be learning all about Knights in preparation for creating an information leaflet. They will then go on to solve the mystery of the Knight's swords in Canterbury Cathedral.   Your child can learn more about Knights by visiting  Usborne Learning or DK  Learning - please see links below.

They can also learn more about Canterbury Cathedral by visiting the website:


Children will also read  "The Man from Space" illustrated by Gale Whitman and "Leon and the place between" - both are fantastic reads and will help the children to create more wonderful writing. 



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We will be focussing our attention on Time, Using measures and Data handling (reading bar charts, pie charts and pictograms). In addition we will continue to practise our times tables and methods of + - x and ÷.

Please visit Education City to help you.



We will be practising for Sports Day so children will need their PE kit every Monday.




We will be continuing work from last term on Why and how different people pray. Children have already had the opportunity to learn about how Christians, Hindus and Muslims pray. This term they will be carrying out a survey to find out what people in school think as well as considering their own thoughts. They will then use what they have learnt to create a piece of artwork for the Spirited Arts competition run by NATRE

Term 5

     Bonjour Year 3


We hope you had a fun-filled Easter  🐣 and are ready for another term of learning, exploring and fun.

Our topic this term is Waves and this will form the basis of our work in Art, Science and Literacy.



We will be studying the work of Katsushika Hokusai, a Japanese artist and print maker, and in particular his famous piece The Great Wave off Kanagawa.




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We will be learning about sound in order to discover how we hear,  how sound  travels over distance and through a range of materials and how pitch can be varied.

 You can find our more here:



We will be trialling a new method called Talk for Writing to help children improve their reading and writing skills. Pupils will read The Nightmare Man by Pie Corbett, a tale about facing your fears and Dolphin Boy, a charming take by Michael Morpurgo.





Please continue to encourage your child to practise their times tables, rapid recall of number facts and to practise mathematical vocabulary.


Please log on to Education City to practise maths skills.



Children will need their PE kits (shorts or jogging pants, t-short and trainers) every Monday for Games and every Friday for football sessions with Andy. 







Term 4


Bonjour tout le monde - can you believe that we are half-way through the year!!

We still have lots more exciting learning to do.  Last half term we had so much fun learning all about the Romans, Boudicca and investigating plants  - pictures on the way soon!


This half term we have our class assembly on Thursday 22nd March - so please put this date in your diary!


Our link learning will focus on the Amazon rainforest - here are some fun facts to get you interested:

The Amazon Rainforest

You can also visit


In literacy, we will be reading The Shaman's Apprentice to help us learn more about life in the rainforest and the importance of the plants and tribes of the rainforest. 

We will also be reading the delightful Tear Thief by Carol Ann Duffy.Image result for tear thief


In science, we will be learning all about skeletons, muscles and nutrition; we will even be designing and making a healthy rainforest fruit salad! 

More importantly children will be investigating a very important scientific question:

Who has the strongest muscles?

                                                   Image result for boys vs girls  cartoon


There are lots of fun interactive sites for you to visit including:


Games will be on a Monday - please ensure your child has a full PE kit suitable for outdoors)

Recorder lessons contiune every Monday



Some children will be using the following website to help them with phonics: https://www.teachyourmonstertoread

They will be given log in details shortly.


We would like all children to use Bug Club and Matific to help support reading and maths.

Term 3


Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year!


We kick off 2018 with another exciting term.


Our linked learning topic this term is the Romans and we will learn all about how they created such an amazing empire; how they have influenced our lives today. We will also learn  about who Boudicca was and why she rebelled against the Romans.

Find out more on:


As part of our Dance we will be using the BBC Romans dance program to learn more about the Roman army, buildings and villas.  Dance lessons will take place on Tuesdays.




In Literacy, we begin the term by reading the story of Romulus and Remus.  You could watch a short version here.

We will then learn more about Roman life and write our own Roman themed instruction texts.


Our Science work this term focuses on plants: the main parts of a plant, what they need to grow well and how water is transported inside a plant.

A really good website to visit is



Recorder lessons continue to take place on Mondays

Bonjour Year 3


                                                                                            Baubles Children's Primary School Nativity Play

Please  remember to learn your lines because  our Xmas performances are just around the corner!

Well we have such a busy and fun term ahead of us - the staff in Year 3 are so excited! There is just so much to look forward to.

Before we do...

  • We are a NUT Free Year group so please no nuts or sesame seeds in snacks or lunches
  • Children should bring a healthy snack for break times (e.g. fruit or vegetables) and a labelled bottle of water to drink
  • Please ensure your child reads daily and that it is written into their reading record - this should be brought into school every day (they do not need to bring in their book if it is unfinished)
  • Spellings are given on Monday and should be returned by the following Monday
  • Maths home-learning is given on Friday and should be returned on Monday
  • Home- learning books should only be returned as and when you complete a task from the grid - We were very impressed by the standard of work produced last half termfrown

Baubles Children's Primary School Nativity Play


On Wednesday 1st November we will be auditioning for parts in the Year 3/4 Christmas Extravaganza - so don't forget to learn your lines!

Kent Life

On Monday 20th November we visited Kent Life to learn more about Stone Age Britain - Thank You to everyone who helped on the day. 

Watch this space for pictures!


On Thursday 14th December, we will take part in a Christmas labyrinth in the school hall - this is an exciting new way for children to engage with and learn all about the Christmas story.


Further dates will be provided by the school office.




In English this term we will be focussing on two non-fiction texts: Secrets of Stonehenge and Celts. We will also be reading different types of poetry (Haikus and Kennings) as well as a delightful poem called The Magic Box by Kit Wright.


In numeracy, we will continue work on times tables and division facts - so please keep practising them. If you would like games to support your learning then see below on the Home Support link or try

In our calculation work, some children will be introduced to the column addition method whilst some children will continue to consolidate addition using number lines.


In our Link learning, children will be asking and answering important historical questions about Stonehenge, the Iron Age and Maiden Castle. You could do some of your own research using these websites:

Children will continue to develop their knowledge of the British Isles by learning about the counties around Kent.

If you would like access to more map games try



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Year 3 team.

Thank you for your continued support.

Link to support for reading, times tables and spellings

Welcome to Year 3


We hope you had an amazing summer.frown


Year 3 will be a fantastic, fun filled learning adventure and we are looking forward to teaching


Our topic this term is Stones and Bones


In Literacy we have three fantastic books to help us learn more about the Stone Age.

You can also learn more by visiting the following websites – it’s fascinating to learn just how pre-historic people looked and lived!



In numeracy we will be learning about numbers: place value; reading and writing; ordering and comparing and using the symbols < > =. We will also be revisiting and consolidating calculation methods learnt in Year 2.

From Year 3, children take part in weekly Times Tables challenges. They will be asked to complete multiplication and division facts for 2s, 5s and 10 times tables. We will begin with 10 times tables – so please practise them regularly at home.


In science, children will be investigating rocks and soils. They will learn about how rocks are formed and about the three different types of rocks: metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary.


visit this webpage to learn more







Recorder lessons begin every Monday (instruments will be provided).


Please make sure your child has a full PE Kit in school

(days to be confirmed).



Homework will be sent home in the form of a homework book containing a different grid each term.

This has activities from across the curriculum for children to complete in whichever order they choose.


In addition children need to be learning their spellings (given out and tested on a weekly basis) and their times tables.


Homework books are due in each Monday and will be returned to the children on Tuesday.


The children will be receiving home reading journals for them to record their reading at home each week. The target is to read 5 times each week. We will monitor who is reading regularly and give out small prizes for those children who do this.



Please send your child to school with a named water bottle as it is very important for them to stay hydrated.


Nut Allergy – Please remember we are a nut free year group and children should not bring in any snacks or foods containing nuts or sesame seeds - Thank YOU


If you have any questions or issues to discuss you can put a note in your child's contact/reading book or catch us at the door in the morning or afternoon.


Miss Brown and 3JB team

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