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Term 5 already and this term is all about Space and the Swinging Sixties! We will be starting off by looking at The Solar System in our linked learning sessions and exploring the famous HG Wells text of War of the Worlds in Literacy. The children will be writing their own suspenseful stories about alien invaders! 



We will then be exploring explanation texts to do with The Solar System: some will attempt to write their own explanation texts whilst others will be writing non-chronological reports.



The home learning project this term is all about Space and the children can choose an area of this topic they would like to investigate and learn more about. We look forward to seeing the projects presented to the class during the week of the 15th May. Their WW2 projects were fantastic and so varied - they included reviews of WW2 books, a play dough vegetable garden, numerous posters on a variety of themes, cooked foods, PowerPoint presentations and home-made Gas Masks. We are really looking forward to seeing what they present this term and appreciate the work that goes in to these on the parents parts too!


In the latter half of the term we will be learning all about the Sixties - an age where many changes happened. We will be exploring important events, trends, popular cultures and comparing them to our lives now. We cannot wait to see what the children make during our afternoon exploring sixties fashion and when we make our tie-dye t-shirts! We will be exploring Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein in our art lessons too.





We will end this term with a Sixties party so get thinking about your outfits!


Beauty and the Beast - January 2017