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Term 6 in 5PW


We are entering our very last Term together, in Year 5!  

This term, we are learning all about Rivers. 


We will begin this topic by finding out about the different parts of a river; from source to mouth.  We are then going to apply what we have learnt by making 3D model rivers.  Please make sure you have your art aprons in school -it's going to be messy!



We will be incorporating this topic throughout our Literacy too.  We will look at a variety of different 'river' texts, including both fiction and non-fiction.  We will be writing poetry and narratives, focusing on descriptions and figurative language.  At the end of the term we will use everything we have learnt to write explanation texts about 'a river's journey'.


Throughout our Numeracy lessons, we will be focusing on Measure, Geometry and Statistics. We are going to link this to our environment and the 'rivers' topic, for example, we will be going outside to look at angles around us and will be using cross-curricular links with Science to answer questions relating to graphs.


 Our home learning project this term is to create a rain gauge and conduct your own scientific investigation to explain how rainfall can be collected. 


We will be having our 'Growing Up' talk this term- letters regarding this will be sent home shortly.


P.E. will continue to be on a Tuesday and Thursday and, amongst other things, we will be practising our athletic sills ready for sports day.  Please ensure that your kits are in school and shoes are regularly checked to make sure they fit!




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