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Welcome to 6S!

This year you will be learning with: Miss Scott, Mr Edwards, Miss Stephens, Mrs Vadher, Mrs Regan and Mrs Cooper. 

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Term 3- Groovy Greeks

Welcome back! It's 2018, what are your new year's resolutions? If you don't have any, we will be writing some on the first day back; as well as reflecting on the things we are good at too!


In literacy this term we will be learning about the 'Dead Sick' things the ancient Greeks got up to, delving into a few famous myths and kick starting the term with my favourite literacy lessons to teach... Percy Jackson!


In Science we will be investigating reversible and irreversible changes... stay tuned for photos.


Our focus in PE will be Gymnastics and Hockey as well as playing our own Olympic games!




Remember: Monday= spelling and literacy home learning and Friday= numeracy home learning



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Welcome to Year Six!

Term 1: Awful Egyptians!

What an exciting term we have planned for you...


In Literacy, we will be learning to scare the wits out of our readers by writing in the Goosebumps horror style! You will also get a chance to write some instructions to mummify a friend; although don't all gang up on your teacher! cool


In Science, we will be learning all about how light and sound travel. You will get a chance to plan your own investigations and build your own periscope!


Link Learning is all about Egypt, Egypt, Egypt this term. We will be making some gruesome discoveries about what the Ancient Egyptians got up to in their spare time. Also we will be using our Geography skills to learn where Egypt is and what the climate and land is like. 


PE will be with Mr Edwards this term, and he will be teaching you about rugby. Make sure you listen carefully and learn lots- he used to be a prop (back at university)! 


In art, we will be using hot wax to create a Batik design and then adding dye to create an Egyptian masterpiece.


DON'T FORGET: Our class assembly will be on Thursday 19th October. Parents, we would love for you to come and watch- our play will begin at 9:30.  


Home Learning Project: You are challenged to create an amazing Egyptian themed project. Due date: Monday 30th October. We cannot wait to see what you create; there will be a prize for the most creative/informative. 





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