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Term 2

Traditional Tales and Christmas


This term, we have continued looking at traditional tales, such as Goldilocks and the three bears and Little Red Riding Hood. We have talked about the setting, the characters and the order of events. Vocabulary such as the title, author and the blurb have also been introduced. In the remaining weeks, we will be focusing on the events leading up to the nativity and our production to the parents.


Our main aims in literacy have been learning the sounds and beginning to blend these sounds into simple c-v-c words e.g. tap, pot and sit. We are starting to write the sounds on whiteboards, paper or in sand/shaving foam. It is very important that we learn to write the letters correctly so we are doing lots of practise. Letter formation sheets have now been sent home.


In maths, as well as continuing our number recognition, we have been learning to count a variety of objects carefully, ordering events using the correct vocabulary and solving simple mathematical problems.


Our first PE lesson was a great success, without too many lost items of clothing, and we are good at using our ribbons in Write Dance. During child-initiated activities, we practise many of our skills, including bat and ball skills, moving on the large apparatus and riding our bikes and scooters on the playground.


We are becoming much more competent at using programmes on the I-Pads and computers and our mouse control is now so much better. Our artistic and musical abilities will be on show during our Christmas nativity which we look forward to sharing with you. Please help the children to learn their lines when they are sent home.


Finally we would thank everyone who has helped us with our home learning activities and we have produced some amazing work.


We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Reception Team





Term 1


We would like to welcome you all to Grove Park and the beginning of your child’s journey at school.

This term our main aim will be to ensure that your child feels secure and is happy about coming into school. We will gradually introduce them to the rules and routines and begin to encourage them to become more independent.


Our first topic will be nursery rhymes and traditional tales such as Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty, The Gingerbread Man and The Three Little Pigs. This will include joining in with a variety of art activities, singing, games and stories.




We will be teaching the children the 26 sounds in the alphabet and beginning to blend some sounds together. Our PE sessions in Write Dance and clever fingers sessions will help develop the children’s capability to enable them to start recording these sounds. A book to share with your child will also be sent home and we would appreciate any time you are able to spend in this activity.



In numeracy we will be working towards recognising and ordering numbers and ensuring that we can accurately count a range of objects. We will also be looking at a range of concepts such as matching and sorting, identifying simple shapes and making simple patterns.



We hope you will be happy to support your child with all these activities on a regular basis and look forward to seeing the impact this will have. Please feel free to talk to the adults if you are unsure about any of the activities we have mentioned as we are more than happy to help.


Here’s to a happy and successful first term.

The reception team