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Next week, I am hoping you will all be able to have a go at writing another newspaper article. So, for this, you will need to know how to use direct and reported (indirect) speech.

We have looked at this briefly before but have a look through the PowerPoint below to remind you! 

Red, Yellow and Green, you will all be looking at changing reported speech to direct speech and vice versa. 

For example,


Reported speech: My mum told me that I had to tidy my room

Direct speech: "Tidy your room!" demanded Mum. 


Direct speech: "Give me back my toy!" shouted Leah.

Reported speech: Leah shouted that I needed to give her back her toy.


Click on the icon below to find the activities for your group. 


Well done for all of your hard work this week! Today, I have linked some application problems below. These have all been taken from past SATs papers so make sure you read each question carefully! 

Give them a good go and feel free to let me know if there are any you need some help with! 


Recap the Christmas Story by reading the cards linked below. 

When you have done this, choose one of these people:

- Mary

- Joseph

- Shepherd

Now, writing from their point of view, have a go at writing a letter to a friend all about what has happened that day.

For Mary, she may still be in a lot of shock that she had told she was going to have a baby or exhausted from being heavily pregnant and having to travel so far.

For Joseph, he may be quite concerned with having to take his wife so far and not sure if they would be able to find a room for the night. 

For the shepherd, they may be amazed and feel quite curious about the news that there would be a new king.


Be as creative as you can and really think about the emotions these people would have been facing! 

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