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Grove Park Primary School

13th July 2020

  Hi Class 2B

A big hello from Mr and Mrs Edwards. We have taken over your webpage for this week as it is the last week of term and you are nearly Year 3! We are not going to set you much work this week because you will be coming into school on Wednesday anyway for our welcome picnic.

This week we would like you to tell us all about yourself. We have added a template at the bottom of the page and we have done one of our own so you can find out about us too. You can use this template or, perhaps, you could do one of your own. You can email it to us or print it off and write on it and bring it back to school in September. 

We would also like to set some homework for your parents or carers. Can you get them to write us a letter or email telling us about you. They know you better than anyone so this would be so helpful. It might be easier for them to tell us what you are worried about and what you are great at. 

Finally, we would like you to tell us about any adventures you might have over the summer. This might be on holiday, building a den, exploring the garden or going on a bike ride. Email us a photo and we can have an adventure display when we get back to school. 

Our email addresses are 

We look forward to looking at these.

You have all been amazing during lockdown and well done to your family and carers for surviving and making it through to the summer. Have an amazing summer, stay safe and keep smiling.

Mr and Mrs Edwards



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