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This week, we will be looking lots of different things that will help with writing instructions. First of all, have a watch of this video:


Why did things go wrong so many times? What does this tell us about when we write our own instructions? What should they include?


Next, open the PowerPoint and have a go at sorting the sentences on the first slide into facts and opinions. Are there any clues that could help you decide what category they fall into?


Click on the correct icon to go to the activities for your group.


Finding Fractions of Amounts. 

I am hoping this is a recap from last year so should look familiar to you! 

If you need a bit of a reminder here is are two examples:


Find 2/5 of 10

First, I would divide 10 by the denominator which is 5.    10 divided by 5 = 2.

Then, I take my answer (2) and multiply by the numerator (2).    2 x 2 = 4

So, 2/5 of 10 is 4.


Find 1/6 of 18

First, I would divide 18 by the denominator (6).     18 divided by 6 = 3

Then, I take my answer (3) and multiply by the numerator (1).    3 x 1 = 3

So, 1/6 of 18 is 3.


Today, you have a chilli sheet to have a go at. All groups will be using the same sheet but choose the level that you feel is right for you. If you finish, have a go at the 'Would you Rather?' worksheet- make sure you give a written explanation for each of your answers! 


A little experiment for you to have a go at! 

You will need: a timer/stopwatch and 2 pieces of A4 paper- keep one piece of paper flat and scrunch the other into a ball. 


Make a prediction- you are going to drop both pieces of paper from the same height. What do you think will happen?


Carry out the investigation- First, drop the flat piece of paper. What happens? How long did it take to fall? Then, drop the scrunched up piece of paper from the same height. What happens? How long did it take to fall?


Why do you think this happened? (I'll help you with the answer in the week- don't jump ahead!!)

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