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First, read through 'Making Canopic Jars'. Have any imperative verbs or fronted adverbials been used that you could keep in mind for when you write your own instructions?

For most of you, today's focus will be on punctuation- make sure you check your work thoroughly!

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Finding Fractions of Amounts- Backwards Word Problems!!

Here's a challenge for you! Use what you have learnt over the past couple of says to have a go at these word problems but, you will need to work backwards!



5 is 1/5 of ?

So, instead of dividing by the denominator and multiplying by the numerator, we are first going to divide by the numerator and multiply by the denominator!

5 divided by 1 is 5

5 multiplied by 5 is 25

So, 5 is 1/5 of 25


22 is 2/11 of ?

22 divided by 2 is 11

11 multiplied by 11 is 121

So, 22 is 2/11 of 121


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Usually on a Wednesday, we will do some sort of PE- this term is cross-country! 

As some of you are isolating, please continue to follow government guidelines and stay at home. If you can, follow a Joe Wicks video of your choice from here:


Or for something a bit different, cut these cards up and put them in a container. Throughout the day, pick up one of the cards and complete the activity for two minutes. Keep doing this at different times until you have completed all of the exercises. 

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