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Just like yesterday, have a read of the instructions below. Make a list of all of the imperative verbs and fronted adverbials you can find! Have any subordinate clauses been used?

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I'm very impressed with how hard you have all worked this week! Now time to apply what you have learnt to some test-style questions. Take your time and complete the questions below- make sure you answer all the steps!

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PSHE- I can identify different types of relationships.

Draw a picture to represent yourself in the middle of a big piece of paper. Once you have done this, add on as many people as you can who you have a relationship with e.g. Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister...

Have a think about the people you have mentioned. Have you only included people you live with, or people in your family? Think hard, there are many other people you have a relationship with e.g. teachers, neighbours, health care professionals, online influencers. Can you now add more people to your diagram?


Now, label or colour code these people with the type of relationship you have with them, for example:

-Close relationship

-Distant relationship

-Personal relationship

-Professional relationship

-Online relationship

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