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Watch the video linked below; this will be our focus for this week! 

The Christmas Truce

Watch the video through again if you need to and then create a story board to show what happened. I have linked a template below so that you can make it into a bit of a comic strip! Don't lose this: it'll come in handy later! 

Throughout the week, we will keep coming back to this video but we will also be looking at a few different poems. Here is the poem some of you will be looking at today: 


The Man He Killed

"Had he and I but met

By some old ancient inn,

We should have sat us down to wet

Right many a nipperkin!


"But ranged as infantry,

And staring face to face,

I shot at him as he at me,

And killed him in his place.


"I shot him dead because-

Because he was my foe,

Just so: my foe of course he was;

That's clear enough; although


"He thought he'd list, perhaps, 

Off-hand like -just as I- 

Was out of work -had sold his traps-

No other reason why.


"Yes; quaint and curious war is!

You shoot a fellow down

You'd treat if met where any bar is,

Or help to half-a-crown."

Click on the icon for your group to find your activities for today.


We will be looking at division today!

Linked below are a couple of videos for you to watch in case you are in need of a recap! 

When you are confident, have a go at the chilli sheet below. 

Short Division with a decimal remainder

Speed Guide to Short Division


I can talk about relationships.


In class, we have already had a talk about the different types of relationships. Think back, which 3 types of relationship are the most important to a person? Why do you think this?


Usually, the relationships we consider to be the most important to us are positive, healthy relationships. Today, we are going to look at friendships.


Think about the friendships you have made in school. What makes them good friendships? Create a mind map of things you think make a good friendship.

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