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Now, you have completed some great work based on 'The Christmas Truce' so I think it's time for a retelling!

Pull out your storyboard that you created on Monday and have a go at rewriting your own story based on the 'Christmas Truce' clip. 

I have put a checklist in each of the group sections so that you know what I'll be looking for from each of you- you are fantastic at writing stories so now is the time to show off what you can do to the people at home with you! 

I look forward to reading what you come up with! 


Well done for all of your hard work with calculations this week; I'm hoping it was just a recap and you remembered looking at these methods a few weeks back. 

Today, I have put together some questions which focus on your application of the multiplication and division methods you have looked at this week.

These questions have been taken from past SATs papers so will be a great opportunity to have a look at what may come up later in the year! 

Read each question carefully and remember to answer all steps! 


Click on the icons below to find the questions for your group.


Today you will be looking at the relationship between height and age. 

Linked below is some squared paper and a table which includes people's heights at different ages.

Your task today is to draw a line graph by plotting the information given. Then, have a look at what you notice and write an evaluation about what you have discovered.

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