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Welcome to 3B!

Autumn Term 2

Before we start thinking about the new term, I would like to take a moment to say how amazing your children are! Our first term back has been wonderful- we have settled back into a routine very quickly and each child's personality has really started to shine through. We have focused on wellbeing and everyone has been happy and focused. As well as having time to reconnect with our friends, we have enjoyed learning lots of new things;

Ask your child about the clouds...

Are they cumulus, stratus, cumulonimbus or cirrus?


What about the moon phase...

Is it waxing or waning? Gibbous or crescent? New or full?

And why are the days getting colder...

Is it something to do with the Northern Hemisphere tilting away from the sun? What effect does that have?

We have really enjoyed completing our weather station every day with all this information and the children are definitely better than me at pronouncing cumulonimbus!!!


I am so very proud of everyone in class for being so awesome in our first term back- I hope you are proud of them too.


This term we will be continuing with our learning as well as enjoying Diwali celebrations and (dare I mention it yet?) Christmas. Our celebrations may not be the same as usual, but we are thinking of creative ways to involve you all too!


We will also be setting homelearning- this will mainly focus around bug club for reading, education city for maths and a project linked to our foundation subject learning. High frequency words (reading and spelling) and times tables will also be a priority. Logins will be sent home to remind you and I will be checking online to ensure children are completing the set tasks. If you have an issue with accessing online learning, please email me and I can ensure paper copies are sent home instead. We are trying to minimise things being passed between school and home but this is something we can accommodate if we need to. 

In History, we will be continuing to look at the Stone age, Iron age and Bronze age and moving onto the Romans and the Vikings. We have been comparing tools and communication and have been really interested in how things have changed throughout time. In Geography, we will continue to learn about the oceans, continents and tectonic plates- how do these cause earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis? We will have a week in the ICT suite and combine this with small group music. PE will be learning skills related to hockey (so please ensure your child has a warm PE kit in school as we will be outside) and our French vocabulary will continue to grow! 

As a fun challenge, perhaps you could play some reading bingo too!


As you can see, we will be very busy. Wellbeing will continue to be prioritised above all else but, having seen how well everyone has settled, I am sure we will continue to have a happy and positive classroom!

Term 1



This term we will be focusing on well-being in our classroom. It is a long time since most of us have been at school and it will feel strange to be recalling and following classroom routines. However, it will be fantastic to see our friends and teachers again! We will be thinking carefully about our thoughts and feelings and who we might turn to if we need some support, we will be getting used to the 'new normal' and building a classroom full of positivity and happiness. When we are happy, we will be ready to learn!


Keep checking our web page as it will be updated with homelearning and many other important messages, as well as photos of us as we learn!



All PE will take place outside regardless of the weather, so please ensure your child has the following in their PE bag:




Jogging bottoms


Spare socks

(All named please)

PE days will change throughout the year, so please make sure your child’s PE kit is in school at all times.



We will be providing drinks (blackcurrant or orange) in year 3. This will be the same as in the infants- £10 for the year or £4 per term (September, January, April). We also use this money to provide treats and other extra-curricular activities. Please place the money in a sealed envelope with your child’s name on and indicate if they are not allowed any particular flavour of squash.



Please note, fruit is NOT provided in the juniors as the free fruit scheme is for infants only. If you wish your child to have a snack at playtime, please send them in with their choice of fruit. No other snacks are allowed.


Website, education city and bug club

I will update our website termly and will add any further information you need to know as necessary. I have also attached times tables challenge sheets and high frequency word sheets for you to access at home.

The children should also have their logins and passwords for education city and bug club and, once these sites are updated for the new school year, I will ensure your child has books to read. We will use education city to set some home learning as well. If you have any issues or need login and password reminders, please let me know.


Drop off and pick up times

A polite reminder to please drop off and pick up your child in your allocated time slot only to minimise the number of people on site. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to 'chat' (as much as we would like to!) but please feel free to email me instead if you have any concerns or information to pass on.

Thank you

Mrs Bottomley

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