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Welcome to Year 3


Every week whilst we are learning from home, we will be setting you a project of some kind to do. We hope you will enjoy this creative way of learning some of the things we would have been finding out about in class. We hope your family will help you and enjoy learning some new things too!

As well as completing your projects, we will expect you to read every day. It could be a book from home or one set on ‘Bug Club’. These will be updated by us after we have checked your answers to the ‘Bug questions’ to show how well you understood the book. Remember, reading the words is not just what reading is about. Understanding what you have read is more important! Use your clues and strategies to read words and work out their meanings, just like we would do in class.

We would also like you to keep a weather diary, including noting the types of clouds you can see. You have done this before but can you remember the names of the types of clouds?

We think it would be very interesting to find out a new fact about ‘pollution’ each week too. We will use these to create discussions about our environment when we come back to school. Perhaps you could think about how the environment has been damaged and how parts of it are recovering whilst we are at home. Did you know the canals in Venice are clear for the first time in living memory? I wonder why?

We have also attached times tables challenges for you to build your multiplication and division knowledge, and the high frequency word lists which you should practise reading and spelling. Put them into sentences and practise writing them in joined up writing to build your muscle memory. You can find them at the bottom of this page.

We’d love you to make some sort of scrap book of your learning. You could add photos and pictures of things you have done, record interesting facts you have found out and record any achievements you want to share. If you have completed a project or task that you are really proud of, ask your parent or carer to send us a photo in an email. If they give us permission, we might share it on the website too! We won’t need you to bring all your learning back into school, but we definitely want to know what you’re doing and what you’re enjoying learning about.

Your home learning pack has some things in it to do, including practising your French. Perhaps you could teach your family! Try to take some time each day to complete some of these tasks.

We have talked about being creative in our year group to keep our brains active and interested. Perhaps you could try junk modelling, building things with lego, writing a story or making a book. You could build a ‘den’ and create a secret hideout or try some baking with your parents and carers. There are no limits to your imagination. BEING BORED IS NOT ALLOWED! Remember, it’s up to you to find something creative to do! Being bored is not a problem for your parents to solve- it’s yours!

Try mindfulness- there are lots apps, websites and resources to use. Always ask as grown-up to check any online resources first. Remember our e-safety work in class! Mindfulness is a good way to have some quiet, focused time during the day and help your body and mind relax.

Please enjoy your learning and your family time together. It will be exciting to share our ideas and achievements with each other. I cannot wait to see how creative you can be!



You can access websites such as:

Gonoodle (fun physical activities to use up some of that energy! Your parents/carers can create a free account. We especially enjoy ‘banana banana meatball’ and ‘guacamole’)

Twinkl (lots of resources to help your learning. Parents/carers can sign up for free for a month)

Go to Then either sign in or make an account using the code CVDTWINKLHELPS and you should get a months worth of free access to all resources

Education city (your login is in your reading contact book and the home learning pack we sent home. We’ve also emailed it to your parent/carer)

Bug Club (active learn primary- your login is in your reading contact book and the home learning pack we sent home. We’ve also emailed it to your parent/carer)

Joe Wicks will be online at 9am every morning with a 30 minute children’s PE workout to help them burn off some energy.

BBC Bitesize has some interesting facts and videos for all areas of the curriculum.

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