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TERM 6 1

We can’t believe that we are nearly at the end of Year 3crying but

we still have a fun packed term ahead of us so let’s enjoy the end of Year 3! laugh


Dates for your diary

Thursday 20th June we will be visiting Canterbury Cathedral.


Creative Arts Week begins on Monday 24th June – our focus this year is India.



Sports Day is on Wednesday 3rd July.

Please make sure your child has their games kit in school every week.



Our topic this term is Canterbury Cathedral.


We will be learning about why Canterbury is such an important historic place as well as exploring how Canterbury has changed through the ages. As part of our RE work, children will have the opportunity to ask questions to a Christian visitor and we will be exploring the importance of places of pilgrimage. 


In Science we will be learning about light, shadows and how we see - you can learn more by visiting



For Maths, we will consolidate + - ÷ and x methods learnt throughout the year. Some children are very close to receiving their Times Table Award so please keep practising both x and ÷ facts for the times table you are working on. You can also visit SuperMovers to learn catchy songs to help you learn your tables


Every child will also be participating in a Maths cook school in order to help them learn about measures: capacity, volume, weight and reading scales.


For our English this term, we will be reading some fantastical magical tales as well as learning the story of Thomas a Beckett and the four knights. Children will write their own stories and information text all about Canterbury.


Picture 1
Picture 2

Year 3 as the Rotten Romans

Year 3 as the Rotten Romans 1 Thank you for com8ng to watch our assembly.

Bonjour tout le monde


Welcome back to a short but exciting term.


Some dates for your diary:  School will be closed to children on Thursday 2nd May (polling day) and Monday 6th May (Bank holiday).


PE  - Children need their full PE kit in school on Mondays and Tuesdays; given the rapidly changing weather, please ensure your child(ren) also have a sweatshirt and jogging pants to for when it is chillier!


Image result for tennisTennis lessons - Tuesday lunchtime – all Year 3 children are able to participate in tennis lessons




The focus for term 5 is Waves


As part of our Art work, children will study the painting The Great Wave by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. Children will learn the story behind the picture and practice their drawing, shading and painting skills to create their own version in a variety of media.

The Great Wave

The Great Wave 1

In science we will be learning about how sound travels in waves through water and air, the difference between volume and pitch and they will also investigate how sound changes with distance.

You can learn more by visiting: 


In English we will be reading two stories: The Nightmare Man by Pie Corbett and Dolphin Boy by Michael Morpurgo. Children will then write their own versions of these stories with a particular focus on using noun phrases and adverbs to describe the character and setting.


In Maths, we will focus on measures and geometry: children will learn how to calculate the perimeter shapes and objects; they will also be taught how to give change from £1, £2 and £5 and we will be introducing 24-hour clock to some children.  You can help support your child(ren) by using money, measuring tools (ruler, weighing scales) at home with them.


We will continue to review and practice methods for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication – so please keep learning them at home.


RE - This term children will be thinking about how and why people pray. We will be learning about how different religions pray and discussing our own views on the topic. 

Please make sure your child logs onto Education City /Bug club at least once a week to complete any work set for them. 

                                                          Image result for education city

Spellings  - last half term most children did really well. To help your child with their spellings you might like to try 

Here is a list of the spellings for this term:







Term 5 Spellings

Year 3 recorders

Still image for this video
Year 3 have been learning to play the recorder since September. The skills they develop can be transferred if they choose to learn another wind instrument e.g. flute, oboe or clarinet.

Term  4




We look forward to seeing you then so that we can show off all our wonderful learning about the Romans. 


Please note children will be having golf lessons every Thursday morning so must have their full PE kit (t-shirt, trainers, shorts or jogging trousers).



Home learning / Reading 


Please ensure your child reads every day and that it is written into their reading record so that they can earn a reading reward.

Below is a link to the home learning grid for this term - please choose any three activities to complete.





We are trying a new way of doing spellings, your child should have a copy of the spellings we will be covering this term in lessons. We will be testing children on these spellings as the end of term.

If you need another copy of the spellings please ask in class.



This half term our topic is Plants



In Science, children will carry out a number of investigations to learn what a plants needs to survive and why they have roots and a stem. Children will also learn about the parts of a flower and how seeds are dispersed. 


In English, we will be studying three fantastic stories: The Shaman's Apprentice, Dear Greenpeace and The Tale of Taliesin.   After reading and understanding the texts, children will plan and write letters or write own version of the story. 


Our focus in English this term will be making sure children always write in full sentences using punctuation correctly; using adjectives to add detail and writing extended sentences using conjunctions  like:  

and   but   because  whilst  until   so 




In Maths, we will be reviewing  addition,subtraction, multiplication and division methods and helping children to apply their skills to real life problems money, measures and time.

 We are really pleased that children are working hard to gain their times tables awards so they continue to practice them daily - remember they need to know the multiplication and division facts!






Children will have the chance to look at the work of the artist Anna Maria Sibylla Merian, a noted natural and scientific illustrator. They will learn about her work and have a go at doing their own observational drawings based on her work.



Term 3 


Happy New Year and welcome back to another exciting term.



It is forecast to be very cold and chilly for the next few weeks so please make sure your child always comes to school with a warm coat, hat and gloves.    


Please make sure all of your children’s clothing is named as we have a lot of “lost” jumpers and cardigans!


Dates for your diary: Parent meetings will be held in the week beginning 11th February

Image result for romans

This term we will be learning all about the Romans through our Literacy, History and Dance.

We will be reading the tragic yet exciting myth of Romulus and Remus and the amazing tale of Arachne and Minerva.  In addition, we will be learning more about Roman life by reading the non-fiction text Romans.  From this text, children will learn how to write a set of instructions for constructing a (chocolate) Roman road!  Yes you read that correctly!

Image result for romulus and remusImage result for romans  usborne




Every Tuesday we will be having dance sessions which will explore aspects of Roman life including Roman invasion, Towns and buildings and Pastimes.

 It is very important that your child has plimsolls (not trainers), t-shirt and shorts or jogging pants for these sessions.



If you are registered to the BBC iplayer (registration is free) you can listen to the  Roman music here.


During our History sessions, children will learn more about who the Romans were and why they were such an important influence on us. You can find out more by looking at these links:

BBC Bitesize



Our science topic this term will be Skeletons (we have moved plants to Term 4)

Children will take part in a number of practical investigations to learn more about the main parts of the skeleton and its main functions.


We will be learning a rather catchy skeleton song to help us learn the main parts of a skeleton. Click here to learn the words!  


You can also learn more about types of skeletons and why we have a skeleton by clicking here.

Manchester University

DK learning

BBC Bitesize


Image result for maths

We have noticed that some children need to practice telling the time, this is something best done little and often and something that you can fit into your child’s daily routine.

It is really important that they use an analogue clock first to understand and read: o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. They can then move on to telling the time to 5 minute intervals e.g. five past two or twenty five to three.

If your child is secure in this, then we will be introducing them to digital and 24-hour clock times.


Children must continue to practice mental- maths strategies including adding on and taking away 10 from any 2 or 3 digit number, bonds to 10  and 100; times tables; counting backwards and forwards in multiples of 3,4,5, 8 and fractions including 1/2 1/4 and 1/10.  



Every day children will be completing the daily mile and we thought  that as we are studying Rome, we could try and “walk” all the way there. 

It is about 1064 miles which means that every child in Year 3 has to walk a mile a day (about 5 times around the playground) for 6 weeks. If we do that then we will have walked 1800 miles which is more than enough to get us to Rome!  If we are able to do it then we will have a Roman banquet at the end of term.

Welcome back to term 2 - what an exciting and busy term we have ahead of us.


We have our school trip to Kent Life on Thursday 22nd November and then of course we will be preparing for our Christmas production. 


Our topic this term is Crafty Celts


In literacy, children will read a variety of non-fictions texts linked to our topic. 


                                                 Image result for secrets of stonehengeImage result for celts usborne


As part of our link learning, they will investigate and suggest reasons as to why they think Stonehenge was built.  This year is a particularly important year for Stonehenge because it is a 100 years since it was gifted to the nation. Find out more here: 


Image result for maths



Please continue to learn your times tables - Remember children need to know the x and  facts for each times table in order to achieve it.   This term we are learning how to read and create bar-charts, how to tell the time  to 5 minutes and some children will be learning how to add using the column addition method.

Please help your child to learn how to tell the time using an analogue clock 




Have You Filled A Bucket Today?


Last half term, we read "Have you filled a bucket today"  in order to help children understand the importance of using kind words and actions. In order to fill a bucket children have to do simple things like give someone a smile, help others, say please and thank you - perhaps you could ask your child if they were a bucket filler at school or if someone filled their bucket!




Image result for cold weather cartoon


Now that the weather is chillier, please make sure your child has a named coat in school every day. 

Water bottles - please make sure your child has a named water bottle in school every day. 

Welcome to Year 3


I hope you had a fantastic summer break and are excited about joining Year 3.

We are looking forward to teaching you this year and we hope you settle in quickly and easily. 

Thank you for coming along to the information afternoon. If you missed it, please find below a link to the information leaflet.




Image result for notices

PE/Games - Children will need their full PE kit in school every Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

They will be having football every Friday.

Long hair must be tied back at all times and if your child has ear-rings then these should not be worn.


Snacks - Please provide your child with a healthy snack for break times.


Water bottles - Please ensure your child has a named water bottle in school every day.


Recorders   -     Children in Year 3 are given the exciting opportunity to learn the recorder; lessons are every Monday and the school will provide recorders.


Spellings will be given out every Monday, children should practise these at home and they will be tested the following Monday.


Maths home learning will be given out on a Friday and should be returned by the following Friday.


Children will be given new reading records on Monday 10th September. Please ensure your child reads at least 4 times a week and that you record this in their reading record; this should be brought into school every day as children will be given reading rewards for reading regularly.

Image result for stones and bones


Our topic this term is Stones and Bones so children will be learning all about life in the Stone Age as part of Literacy and History.  How exciting!

In Literacy, children will be using Talk for Writing to help them to learn, read and then write their own stories based on the Stone Age.


    Image result for stone girl bone girl  

In Science children will be investigating and studying rocks and soils; learning how fossils are created and investigating the properties of different types of rocks.


You can visit  the following websites to help your child learn more about

the Stone Age

Rocks and Soils



If you have any questions or issues, please do not hesitate to speak to us. You can either put a note in your child's reading record or catch us in the morning or at the end of the day.

Thank you 


Mr. Holland, Mrs Tizzard, Ms. Thornton, Mr. Matthews, Mrs. Northwood, Mrs. Wheatley and Mrs. Day


Maths support

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