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4H's Fantastic Work

Here are some of the activities 4H have been up to whilst they have been at home- aren't they brilliant?!


If you would like your work to feature on this page, send me the work or a photo of you completing an exciting task!


Picture 1 Click to read Lewis' spooky description!
Picture 2 Click to read Mila's spooky description!
Picture 3 Oliver L's recreation of Rob Biddulph's drawing!
Picture 4 Oliver L's recreation of Rob Biddulph's drawing!
Picture 5 Emre's fantastic Rob Biddulph drawing!
Picture 6 Look at Bobby's excellent drawing!
Picture 7 Mila had a go at copying Rob Biddulph too!
Picture 8 Mila also made an Iron Man model!
Picture 9 Dimitris had a go at drawing the Iron Man!
Picture 10 Science in the garden!
Picture 11 Lydia and Isaac have been keeping busy!
Picture 12 Lots of practical activities- SLIME!!
Picture 13 Painting 3D models- what a great idea!
Picture 14 Some great answers to a silly question!
Picture 15 Jack, Mia and Dexter's rainbows!
Picture 16 William's family have been following Joe Wicks!
Picture 17 Cecily's excellent 'sausage dog' drawing!
Picture 18 Copying Noel Fielding- Vesuvius!
Picture 19 Practising the ukelele!
Picture 20 Mila found a rope swing on her walk!
Picture 21 AND made a den!!
Picture 22 Bobby and Alfie have been watching Joe Wicks!
Picture 23 Bobby's rainbow!
Picture 24 Bobby enjoying the sunshine!
Picture 25 Oliver L had a go at sewing this week!
Picture 26 Rowan has been keeping busy with a puzzle!
Picture 27 Lewis made a great rainbow to go in the window!
Picture 28 Lewis also made a chocolate cake! YUM!
Picture 29 Board Games are great to get the mind working!
Picture 30 Nathan's lovely rainbow!
Picture 31 Nathan's Lego challenge!
Picture 32 Wow! Look at what Nathan built!
Picture 33 Lewis B made an excellent Stone Age poster!
Picture 34 Lewis has been helping Charley with her work!
Picture 35 Dimitris' great Rob Biddulph drawing!
Picture 36 Lee has been keeping a daily diary!
Picture 37 Dimitris' Book Review!
Picture 38 Lewis B had a family camp out in the garden!
Picture 39 Practising Times Tables!
Picture 40 Bobby's poster about the Vikings!
Picture 41 Lydia and Isaac made their own Iron Man!
Picture 42 Mila found the glue stick theif!
Picture 43 Mila's Book Review!
Picture 44 Nacho time!
Picture 45 Lydia's puzzle!
Picture 46 Working hard on his times tables!
Picture 47 Rowan's Book Review!
Picture 48 Dimitris had a go at making banana bread!
Picture 49 Nathan working hard practising times tables!
Picture 50 And learning how to tell the time!
Picture 51 Nathan's Iron Man model!
Picture 52 Lewis has been busy!
Picture 53 Mila's fantastic Iron Man model!
Picture 54 How creative!
Picture 55 Playing the sound game with Mum!
Picture 56 Emre having a go at wood turning with Dad!
Picture 57 Meera working hard!
Picture 58 Meera made an Iron Man model too!
Picture 59 Crystal has been very creative!
Picture 60 Crystal working hard!
Picture 61 The Easter Story!
Picture 62 Click to read Mila's story!
Picture 63 Click to read Cecily's story!
Picture 64 Click to read Lewis' story!
Picture 65 Lewis made his own Iron Man model!
Picture 66 Cecily achieved her 6s!
Picture 67 Jack learning about the Vikings!
Picture 68 Jack working hard on his maths like always!
Picture 69 Lydia has been practising her French!
Picture 70 Dimitris completing a Viking comprehension!
Picture 71 Harry went for a walk with his family!
Picture 72 Enjoying the sunshine!
Picture 73 Dimitris and Maria enjoying exercise bingo!
Picture 74 Exercise bingo!
Picture 75 Lee's great project!
Picture 76 Lee's Iron Man drawing!
Picture 77 Cecily made a headless soldier!
Picture 78 Emre working hard on his spellings!
Picture 79 Meera with her Iron Man model!
Picture 80 Meera practising her spellings!
Picture 81 Meera has been following Joe Wicks daily!
Picture 82 Flo’s brilliant ‘Through the Doorway’ story!
Picture 83 Jack managed to locate all of the continents!
Picture 84 Jack working hard on his spellings!
Picture 85 Mila’s world map!
Picture 86 Mila and Hetti used a puzzle to help them!
Picture 87 Puzzle fun!
Picture 88 Jack's 'Through the Door' story part 1!
Picture 89 Jack's 'Through the Door' story part 2!
Picture 90 Rowan's been working hard on his geography!
Picture 91 Map work!
Picture 92 Lewis' weekly update!
Picture 93 Lewis has certainly been very busy!
Picture 94 Using the iPad to help with research!
Picture 95 Mila has located rivers around the world!
Picture 96 Dimitris was able to label his world map!
Picture 97 Bobby’s ‘Through the Doorway’ story!
Picture 98 Hannah’s energy project!
Picture 99 Jack was chef for the day!
Picture 100 Jack helped make dinner!
Picture 101 Dimitris made Maria some French toast!
Picture 102 Crystal’s self- portrait!
Picture 103 Meera made a lava lamp!
Picture 104 Flo’s Empire State Building!
Picture 105 Lewis did some baking too!
Picture 106 Lewis’ busy ‘outdoorsy’ week!
Picture 107 Dimitris played a new times table game!
Picture 108 Ella made a rainbow!
Picture 109 Grace made some delicious scones!
Picture 110 Pixie and her family have decorated their window!
Picture 111 Pixie has been very busy!
Picture 112 Hannah drew the Iron Man!
Picture 113 Mila’s even been keeping up with ukulele lessons!
Picture 114 Mila drew her self-portrait!
Picture 115 Aimee’s fantastic portrait!
Picture 116 Lewis made a rainbow!
Picture 117 Dimitris and Maria drew portraits of their family!
Picture 118 Emre made his own lava lamp!
Picture 119 Dimitris has been helping around the house!
Picture 120 Rowen made a paper boat to see if it’d float!
Picture 121 Nathan made a lava lamp too!
Picture 122 Pixie having fun baking!
Picture 123 Meera’s lovely artwork!
Picture 124 Meera made a calzone!
Picture 125 Lewis’ science experiment!
Picture 126 Emre working hard on area!
Picture 127 Lewis has had a great week!
Picture 128 Lewis had a great VE party!
Picture 129 Lewis’ busy week!
Picture 130 Cecily has been whizzing through her tables!
Picture 131 Cecily’s Kandinsky project!
Picture 132 Dimitris enjoying baking!
Picture 133 Mila drew some great triangles!
Picture 134 Hannah’s landmark project!
Picture 135 Jack’s cheese straws!
Picture 136 A fantastic landmark project!
Picture 137 Dimitris drew the Burj Khalifa!
Picture 138 Bobby learnt to make pancakes!
Picture 139 Dimitris and his family practised drawing!
Picture 140 Flo’s tortoise, Waffle!
Picture 141 Mila’s learning to hold her guinea pigs!
Picture 142 Pixie made some Banana Bread!
Picture 143 Emre measuring for his area task!

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