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Welcome Back 4JB!

Hello everyone and welcome back to school. I hope you had a wonderful summer holiday and are ready for a brand new term.

There will be many changes for you to get used to but don't worry, in no time flat, you will see the changes as simple school routines.











Dropping off and Collecting Times.

Hopefully you are getting used to the one way system around the school and that you know your dropping and collecting times. It is very important that these times are kept to as your child/children will only be released by the class teacher or teaching assistant during their allocated slots. If you wish your KS2 child/children to walk to the gates, you must email the office to tell them of your wishes.

As a reminder, the times are below.


Dropping Off Time        Collecting Time         Surnames beginning with

8.30 - 8.45                      2.30 - 2.45                  R - Z

8.45 - 9.00                      2.45 - 3.00                  A - C

9.00 - 9.15                      3.00 -  3.15                  J - Q

9.15 - 9.30                      3.15 - 3.30                   D - I

Dinner Timetable

For the latest dinner menu, please go to the Parents area and scroll to School Meals.


Special Boxes

Don't forget to bring in your special boxes full of interesting photos, pictures and mementos to show the class. We have had some great ones so far and look forward to seeing more.

Can it really be Term 2 already?

We will be starting home learning this term.

1) Weekly Reading.

Every week I will expect every child in the class to read a book or a chapter of two. As books will not be coming back and forth from home to school, we hope you will use Bug Club to read from. I will be sending a list of all your child's passwords just in case you have forgotten them.

I will need to have an email from you at the end of each week to tell me whether your child has read or not.


2) English Activity.

On a Monday, I will set an English activity that will practise areas being covered in class. Your child knows what English group they are in , so they will know what work they have to do. Please take a photo of the finished activity and send it to me for looking at.


3) Maths Activity.

On Friday, I will be sending you a Maths activity. Again it will be something that your child will have practised in class. The activities will be linked to the groups they work in within the class. Please take a photo of the finished activity and send it to me for looking at. 


Your child will have a week to complete each activity. Please feel free to send a photo of the finished tasks as soon as they finish them.

Football With Andy

It's Year 4's turn to have football skill lessons with Andy. Our session will take place on Thursday mornings. As the children will be playing on the grass and using harder balls than usual, they will require trainers to play in (black plimsolls are not good enough for these lessons).

It is important that the trainers can be left at school for the term, as bringing items back and forward between home and school is not allowed.

The children always enjoy working with Andy and look forward to seeing him every year.

Children in Need 40th Anniversary

13th November 2020

Hello everyone. Don't forget it's Children in Need on Friday. You can wear any thing yellow or spottyfor a donation to this great cause. Thank you for participating!

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