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This week is French week and so we have tied in the home learning with lots of French activities. You need to choose 5 activities from the list (or more if you wish!) and send me through some pictures or your work  ( Please ensure you are emailing me every week with an update of how things are going and I am happy to help with any issues. 


Zoom call will take place on Thursday 9th July at 11am and I will email through the details on Wednesday. 


Have a lovely week!

Mrs Decarte :-)


P.S Quick message about Education City. Please do not feel you have to do all of the activities set on there. There are lots of activities set for each topic, only to give your child a choice and plenty to get on with. This is not in any way an expectation to complete them all; Education City is a good resource for practising key skills alongside other activities you may wish to do. 


Workout with Bailey!

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Can you do Bailey's exercise video?

Jaiden's advice on how to be more healthy!

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Harrison and his sister's exercise video!

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Sophie's stop animation movie!

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Max's pulley!

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Harrison's pulley demonstration!

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Quinn's spring demonstration!

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Quinn's lever!

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Vincent's simple machine.

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Quinn's homemade pulley!

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Jaiden showing the pulley in use!

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Jaiden explaining his homemade pulley!

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Welcome to Year 5 – Learning from home Summer Term 2020  

Every week whilst we are learning from home, we will be setting you a project of some kind for you to do. They will be following themes from History, Geography and Science and we hope you will enjoy this creative way of learning some of the things we would have been finding out about in class. We hope your family will help you and enjoy learning some new things too!                  


As well as completing your projects, we will expect you to read every day. It could be a book from home or one set on ‘Bug Club’. These will be updated by us after we have checked your answers to the ‘Bug questions’ to show how well you understood the book. Remember, reading the words is not just what reading is about. Understanding what you have read is more important! Use your clues and strategies to read words and work out their meanings, just like we would do in class.  Talk to your parents/carers or look up the meaning of any new vocabulary – think about how you could magpie these words into your own writing.


We’d love you to make some sort of scrap book of your learning. You could add photos and pictures of things you have done, record interesting facts you have found out and record any achievements you want to share. If you have completed a project or task that you are really proud of, ask your parent or carer to send us a photo in an email. If they give us permission, we might share it on the website too! We won’t need you to bring all your learning back into school, but we definitely want to know what you’re doing and what you’re enjoying learning about.

Try to take some time each day to complete some of these tasks. We have talked about being creative in our year group to keep our brains active and interested. Perhaps you could try junk modelling, building things with lego, writing a story or making a book. You could build a ‘den’ and create a secret hideout or try some baking with your parents and carers. There are no limits to your imagination. BEING BORED IS NOT ALLOWED! Remember, it’s up to you to find something creative to do! Being bored is not a problem for your parents to solve- it’s yours!

You can access websites such as:

Gonoodle / BBC Super Movers (fun physical activities to use up some of that energy!)


Twinkl (lots of resources to help your learning. Parents/carers can sign up for free for a month)


Education city (This is where we will be setting Maths and Phonics tasks to complete.  You can also challenge each other with secure online games.)


Bug Club (active learn primary- there will be reading books set at an appropriate level for you to read and check your understanding.)


Joe Wicks will be online at 9am every morning with a 30 minute children’s PE workout to help you burn off some energy.

BBC Bitesize has some interesting facts and videos for all areas of the curriculum.

If you have any questions about your learning, want to send us the work you’ve completed, or just write us a letter to keep in touch, please email me: 


Geography collages - we looked at different environments and then recreated them using a variety of materials.

Geography collages - we looked at different environments and then recreated them using a variety of materials. 1

Term 4

Our class assembly is at 9.30am on Tuesday 3rd March and we look forward to seeing you there.



Children must ensure they have their PE kit with them every Tuesday and Friday.  They will have tennis sessions on Tuesday and Football with Andy on Friday.  We will also be doing a Daily Mile every day - children can also practise key skills whilst being active by using the SuperMovers website (max of 10 minutes daily)




We will be reading and watching The Lost Thing by Shaun Tau. Following on from this, we will plan and write our own version of the story and learn how to write a set of instructions.

A big focus for the rest of year will be on answering reading comprehension questions covering the following key skills - please click on the link below:



Reading Skills - downloaded from TES


We will be continue our work on answering word problems using the four operations. Children must continue to practise learning their times tables and division facts as this is so useful for our work on fractions, long division and long multiplication.  We will be doing more work on geometry and measures: angles, perimeter and area.


Last half term, children had a lot of fun learning about the seven life processes, the circulatory system and insect classification. This half term, we will be looking at materials and their properties; testing materials for electrical and thermal conductivity; friction, air resistance and water resistance.

Two very good websites to visit and help your child understand the science we cover in class is BBC Bitesize 

and DK Learning   

In fact both these websites are also very good for all areas of the curriculum.

We will be continuing our topic "What would Jesus do?"  - last half term we listened to the parable of the Unforgiving Servant and discussed what Jesus taught about forgiveness.  

We are also continuing our work on Community - last half term we were lucky enough to learn about the role of Foodbanks, Community Wardens and PSCOs - we learnt a great deal about the work they do to support people in our community. 

In addition to learning about community, we will also be planning in sessions on Puberty and Personal Hygiene - more details to follow.



Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Decarte will continue to teach ICT and Music to both classes on a Thursday morning.

Children are becoming more confident in their French speaking and understanding. 


Reading Rewards

From this term we are going to change the way in which we are rewarding reading, whilst children will still earn a reward for reading, we will also be totalling up the number of times the whole class has read. This figure will then be compared to the other Year 5 class (allowance will be made for the fact that there are different numbers in each class) and the Year 5 class who has read the most will receive a small prize.



We will be sending a list of spellings home every Monday and will then test the children the following week. Children will be given spellings from the Statutory list that they are working from e.g. Year 5/6 or Year 3/4 words. 

Your child may come home with spellings they have previously learnt; if that happens then they need to look up the meaning and write it into a complex sentence.


Bug Club and Education City

We have noticed that not many children are logging onto Education City or Bug Club to complete activities set for them.


If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us by putting a note into your child's reading record. 

Happy New Year 


We hope you have had a wonderful break and are ready for Term 3!


In English, we will read a variety of fiction texts and children will be learning to answer a variety of reading questions.   

The following link gives examples of the types of questions we will use.

YOU can also help your child by asking similar questions when you read with them at home.


In writing, children are learning to create atmosphere and mood by painting a picture for the reader and to make the reader feel something.

This is done by carefully choosing words that create atmosphere (mood), using powerful verbs, adjectives and
adverbs  and "showing and not telling "

e.g. Digging his hands deeper into his pockets, Seth hurried towards his comforting home.

This shows us that Seth is cold (hands in his pocket) and that he wants to get indoors as quickly as possible.


In Maths- please ensure your child is learning their times tables and division facts as this will help them when we are doing long multiplication and division.


PE  -Children will have multi-skills lessons in every Thursday afternoon so will need their  full PE kit.


RE - Children will be considering how Jesus'  teachings influence Christians today - we will learn about Mother Teresa and the work of some Christian charities.


PSHE  - Our key question is What makes a community? so we will have visits from local community groups to help our understanding of this question.


Topic (Science /History and Geography) - This year Grove Park are doing topic work in a new way so your child(ren) will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics, which will then be repeated but at a deeper level in Year 6 - if you would like a detailed copy of the topics we will cover this term then please do not hesitate to ask. 




Reading   - please ensure your child is reading every day, records this in the reading record and brings this into school every day. 

Spellings  - Well done to all those children who have been learning their spellings regularly.

We understand that the spelling list that is long so we suggest breaking it up into 5-6 words to learn each week;children can also write the words into sentences to help them.




Thank you for coming to our parent talk today - here is a copy of the PowerPoint.


Term 1

Welcome to Year 5

We are really pleased about teaching you; we look forward to an exciting, fun-filled year with lots of interesting topics to learn and explore.

As a school, we are making some exciting changes to the curriculum so that each year group focuses on a key question from an overarching theme running across the school. The theme for Term 1 is Possibilities and Diversity and in Year 5 our Key question is:


“What makes us different?”

We will attempt to answer this question through all the subjects we study as well as dedicated topic lessons.  In RE, we are learning about different beliefs that people can have; in topic we have been discussing what makes us special and what makes a community.


This term we will be having the following subjects on set days:


Tuesday afternoon   Please make sure your child has full PE kit: shorts/jogging bottoms, t-shirt

As we will be doing sessions both indoors and outdoors, your child will need trainers (these must not be worn instead of school shoes)

Mrs. Palmer will teach this every Thursday morning.


Mrs. Decarte will teach this every Thursday morning.


Wednesday afternoon 





Reading - Please ensure your child reads every day for 10-15 minutes. Record this in reading records and bring this in daily.

Reading rewards  - In class we have a reading rewards scheme; the more your child reads the more rewards they will get.

 Every Friday we will reward children who have read at least four times a week.


All children have been assigned books on Bug club so please ensure they log on to read.  Reading on Bug club also counts towards daily reading – just write read on Bug club in reading record!


Maths will be given every Friday and is due by the following Friday.

Spellings - every child will be given a list of the High frequency Word spelling list that they are working on. Children are expected to focus on the spellings they cannot spell and learn 5 every week. We will then test your child at the end of term.

Here are links to the HFW for each year group:

This half term, our focus is on helping children to develop their descriptive and narrative writing; ensuring they use adjectives, synonyms, adverbs and powerful verbs. 

We will be reading a variety of texts: Seal Surfer by Michael Morpurgo; Hurricane by David Wiesner and A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snickett.


Children will be learning to read, write and compare numbers to 1 million; use mental strategies to add /subtract numbers up to 1000 in their head; use the four rules of number to solve word problems and we will be teaching most children a new method for long multiplication.

What you can do to help

We will have times tables tests every Friday - it is imperative that your child practises their tables for 5 minutes daily.

Practise mental maths strategies to help children develop their maths fluency – adding smaller numbers in their head; working out change when you go shopping or finding the total of 2-3 items in the trolley.  Here is a link for using maths at home:

Help with maths at home leaflets Yrs 2-5

If you have any questions or issues you would like to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch (put a note in your child’s reading record or email the school)


Teachers: Mrs. Decarte,Mrs. Thakur , Mrs. Palmer

Teaching assistants : Ms. Edmead, Mrs. Northwood, Ms. Privett and Mrs. Wheatly 




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