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Welcome to 6D!


Term 6

Well this is it guys! Can you believe it? The last term of your primary school years! Luckily we have so many fun things planned this term that it could be the best term you have ever had!


We will be having swimming lessons this term so please ensure you know what days these are. As well as this we will be practising our athletics ready for Sports Day which is coming up very soon. 


In literacy and linked learning we will be continuing our research on the Maya and work out if they really were such a blood thirsty civilisation. 


We will also be continuing with our life skills and heading into Sittingbourne Town centre to do a little bit of field work. 


In science we will be learning all about evolution and how we have adapted to our environment. 


Of course, we will also be having lots of fun making our year book, end of year DVD and we will also be adding to our individual blogs on the school website. 


Mr Denney


Term 5

Welcome back year 6! We hope you had a lovely Easter!


Now obviously we all know how important this term is. We have been working so hard to reach this point and I hope you will all stay focused as this term we have....KINGSWOOD!!!!!! Oh yeah, and it's the SATs too.


In geography we will be learning about Central America and learning how to use Ordinance Survey maps in the U.K.


In ICT we will be learning how to use Scratch for coding.


In science, we will be learning about how to classify animals and plants based on characteristics. We will be going to nature walks to observe these first hand.


In P.E, we will be playing hockey so please ensure you always have your P.E kit in school.


Remember, literacy home learning is due in on Monday and numeracy home learning is due in on Friday.


Term 4

Welcome back year 6! We hope you had a nice holiday!


This term we are going to delve deeper into Ancient Greece, analysing evidence and artefacts and how we can use this to make judgments about men and women in this gruesome era. Also, we couldn’t miss out on learning all about how the Olympics originated. 


We look forward to seeing all your home learning projects based on these ancient times!


In science, we will be looking at a healthy lifestyle as well as how we can avoid health risks with a focus on drugs, smoking and alcohol. We will then use this for inspiration to create our own balanced meal.


In P.E, we will be playing handball, so please ensure you always have your P.E kit in school.


In ICT, we will be learning more about how to code games using Espresso coding.


Remember, literacy home learning is due in on Monday and numeracy home learning is due in on Friday.


Term 3

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are ready for the exciting adventures we have ahead of us in 2018!


We will now be moving on to learning about the Greeks, focusing on modern Greece and ancient Greece. On the 21st, we will be having our very own Greek day, learning lots about the gruesome battles and blood-curdling myths.


In science we will continue learning about materials  including how to classify them based on their properties. We shall also be investigating reversible and irreversible changes. WARNING: this could get messy!


In I.C.T we shall we exploring e-safety and what we can do to stay safe online.


We will be braving the cold in PE and learning some skills in golf, so make sure you have clothes for all weather. We will also be carrying on with our circuits indoors.


In D.T we will be making our own Grecian urn out of clay.




Term 2 - Awful Egyptians



Welcome to term 2 everyone! The best term of all. Do you want to know why? Because it's Christmas!!!!


We will be continuing our topic of the ancient Egyptians, learning more about their weird and wonderful antics. We've already looked at how they mummified bodies. Take a look!


Step 1: Wash the body with palm oil and water from the River Nile.


Step 2: Take out the internal body organs (except the heart) and place the liver, lungs, intestines and stomach into canopic jars to dry.


Step 3: Take out the brain through the nostrils using a white-hot hook.


Step 4: Cover the body with natrol salt and leave it to dry for 40 days.


Step 5: After the 40 days, remove the natron and stuff the body with straw, dried grass or linen.



Step 6: Wrap the body in linen fabric and cover the organs in the appropriate amulet. For finishing touches, cover the head with a death mask.



Step 7: Finally, place the mummy in a sarcophagus and take to the pyramid.







In science we will be learning about classifying materials and even conducting some of our own experiments. WARNING: This could get messy!


In art and D.T we will be designing and making our own Christmas stockings. You never know, some presents might magically appear in them!


In P.E we will be having football with Andy, so be sure to always have your football kit in school on a Friday.


In ICT we will be using a database to create our own Christmas shopping list.





TERM 1 - Welcome back to school 6D and to your last year of primary school! I hope you all had an excellent summer and I cannot wait to start having lots of fun! 


Our topic this term is called Gift of the Nile, as we are going to be looking at Egypt with a focus on the River Nile. We will be researching how and why the River Nile is so important to the Egyptians and using our research in a professional looking PowerPoint. We will also be looking at the geography of Egypt, including the physical and human features and how it has changed since the Ancient Egyptians roamed the land. 


In science we will be looking at light and sound and creating our investigations. We may even get to use our new data loggers!

In art we will be creating our own batik using wax and we will be using the Ancient Egyptians as inspiration. 

In P.E we will be practising our rugby skills and in inside PE we will be doing some fitness circuits!

BUT...the most exciting thing to look forward to is our class assembly with a PSHE theme!

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