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Today, you will be looking at expanded noun phrases. To recap, have a look through the PowerPoint linked below. 


Now, today some of you are allowed to be a little bit silly and write things that you wouldn't normally get away with in literacy! You are going to be able to write a text message from nasty Cinderella to one of her step-sisters, the only catch is that you must add lots of expanded noun phrases! 


Before you begin, have a look at the example text conversation below and see if you can find the noun phrases! 


Oi! Monkey Megan! 

Make sure you tell dog-face daddy that if he doesn’t buy me my dainty, glass slippers, then I will get the Big Bad Wolf on him to blow all of his newly-built sheds down! How dare he say he can’t afford to buy these for me! I never ask for anything! I am fuming and will not stop screaming until he gets them for me!


Cinderella, please oh please do not be mad. You know our poor, dear father does not have a lot of money at the moment. Remember, you spent it all on buying yourself 1 million Instagram followers. But guess what? I have a wonderful idea! Bethany has a beautiful, antique necklace which you can borrow and I have a hand-made, silk dress which will make you look like a million dollars. I’ll fix the moth-eaten hole now and leave it outside your door. 


Tell big-butt Bethany that she can keep her rusty, old necklace as I don’t wear cheap metal; I only wear diamond–encrusted jewels. I’ve seen how it makes her flabby neck go green – she looks like the Incredible Hulk!

And as for your dress! Pah! Did I say I wanted to look like a giant, orange pumpkin? No! So, seeing as your dad (he’s not my dad any more) won’t buy me my dress, I suggest you put yours and Bethany bad breath’s pocket-money in together to buy me what I want. After that, I will release your precious, fluffy Snoopy as I am currently keeping him hostage. Picture message to follow. 


Now it's your turn!! 

Red and Green you can decide today whether you want to complete the text message activity or have a go at the reading/character description linked below. 


I can calculate the area of a shape. 


Yesterday you looked at calculating the perimeter of a shape which used addition so today we are going to look at finding the area of a shape which involved multiplication! 

Before you begin, take 5-10 minutes just to practise your times tables facts!


Area is the term used to define the amount of space which is taken up by a 2D shape. We measure the area in square units (cm²or m²).

We can calculate the area of a shape by multiplying its length by its width.

Look at this shape:


We can see that the length (vertical sides) is 5cm and the width (horizontal) is also 5cm. So to work out the area of this shape we would simply do 5 x 5.

5 x 5 = 25 so the area of this shape is 25cm².


So when calculating the area of a quadrilateral, don't forget to use the formula- length x width!!


Now finding the area can also get a bit trickier! Sometimes you will see shapes like this...



To calculate the area of a shape (composite shape) like this, the easiest thing to do is to split it up into smaller shapes (like in the second picture) and then calculate the areas of the smaller shapes. These areas can then be added to find the total area of the shape.


You will see that in the second picture, they have split the shape into a square and a rectangle.

First find the area of the square:

2 x 2 = 4cm²


Then, find the area of the rectangle:

3 x 7 = 21cm²


Add the two together:

4 + 21 = 25cm²


Click on the icons below to find the activity for your group!  







There are lots of lovely colourful Christmas lights around at the moment but how do our eyes actually see them?

Here's a mini-project for you to complete today. I would like you to do some research into light and then have a go at creating a fact sheet/poster or even just write a paragraph to answer these questions:

1. How does light travel?

2. How does light help us see?

3. What is reflection and refraction?


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