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English is divided into four specific areas of reading, writing and SPAG (spelling punctuation and grammar) and speaking and listening.


Speaking and listening

All children need to be competent speakers to express their thoughts and desires and to be able to communicate effectively in writing. Almost everything we do in the classroom centers around speaking and listening and children who are competent in this area often succeed in many other curriculum areas. There are many opportunities to speak, not least in class assemblies, which parents are invited to and the Christmas Productions.



Children read with varying levels of success, but we encourage parents to practise the first 45 Reception common exception words as often as possible and send these home within the first term. Sounds linked to the Soundswrite scheme are also sent home for children to practise. Once they have learnt the first 45 words there are another 160 high frequency words to learn to read and spell and then a further 120 medium frequency words. The school uses a variety of reading schemes including Ginn, Oxford Reading tree and Soundswrite books. This allows children to practise their skills and read around levels of books to develop their confidence. Reading the same book more than once is how children become proficient and begin to develop a love of literature.


Parents are invited in during the first term to learn about the phonic and reading schemes we use. Reading books will usually be sent home every day.



We operate a strong emergent writing policy, which means children are allowed to write using any sounds they know and reward them when they read it back. Often it may not appear to make sense to many adults but eventually spaces will appear followed by words they know and then punctuation. We foster a real love of writing and reward this in achievement assemblies on Friday.

The Government has introduced a grammar and spelling test at the end of year 6 and these subjects will form part of our English planning.

Literacy Policy

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