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Monday 9th November 2020

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely half term and are excited for Term 2! This week we are learning some new sounds (b, c, g, h) whilst continuing to explore our shape knowledge in maths; we are also going to be talking about Remembrance Day.  


Please remember to send in your Family Learning books with your completed task by Thursday. Also, if you haven't already sent in your £10 drinks money, please to do so as soon as possible as some of this money will be used towards Christmas activities.




Friday 9th October 2020

Well done for completing another fantastic week. We have been really impressed with how well you have managed staying in school all day! Next week we will be introducing three more sounds (n, o, p) to the sounds that we have learnt this week (a, i, m, t, s), as well as exploring number in numeracy. 


Just a quick reminder that children should only be having water in their bottles; we implement no squash/juice across all year groups, other than during snack time where it is provided. We encourage children to drink frequently and remind them of the importance of staying hydrated. 


Thank you very much to those parents that have sent in wellies, folders and drinks money this week. 


Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday! 

Monday 5th October 2020

It is your first 'full time' week in primary school, how exciting! We have lots of fantastic things planned for the week and we're really looking forward to starting some learning about sounds (a, i, m, s, t) and patterns. 


You have been fantastic at following the one-way system and sticking to the drop off and collection times. This week, as your children stay later, the times will be different to what you're used to. Below is a table which informs you of the times that must be followed:


Dropping Off Time                Collecting Time         Surnames beginning with:

    8:30 - 8:45                      14:30 - 14:45                  R - Z

    8:45 - 9:00                      14:45 - 15:00                  A - C

    9:00 - 9:15                      15:00 -  15:15                  J - Q

    9:15 - 9:30                      15:15 - 15:30                   D - I


If you haven't already, then please send in your child's A4 ring binder folder, £10 drinks money and wellies - thank you! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Friday 25th September 2020

Congratulations on completing your first week in school - you have been fantastic!


There are a few reminders for next week:

- Children will be having lunch in school. The menu for school dinners is attached below and we will be on 'Week 2'.

- Only one adult is allowed on site when dropping off and picking up your child(ren).

- Pick up time for this week is 13:30.  

- Parent consultations will be taking place this week via a phone call or a Zoom call. We will stick to the given times as best we can but please be aware that many of these calls are during school time, so timings may be slightly delayed.


We hope you all have a fabulous weekend. We are looking forward to seeing you again on Monday for another great week (with the added bonus of lunch)! 

Monday 21st September 2020

Thank you all for allowing us to come and see you for your garden visits last week. We are very excited to welcome you all back to school for your first full week in school! Don't forget that pick up this week is 12:00 for all children. 


We have attached your reminder sheets below, as well as the school dinners menu in preparation for next week; if you have any questions or concerns about either of these please let us know. 

Friday 11th September 2020

Hello Busy Bees and Fantastic Frogs - welcome to Grove Park! 


It has been such a pleasure meeting you all this week and we hope that you have enjoyed it just as much as we have. Now that you know which class you're going to be in, we can update you on which adults will be working with you:


Busy Bees:

Mr Holland - Class Teacher (Tuesday to Thursday)

Mrs Yiangou - Class Teacher (Monday)

Miss Cleveland - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Gilley - Teaching Assistant 


Fantastic Frogs:

Miss Banks - Class Teacher 

Mrs Bond - Teaching Assistant 

Miss Salter - Teaching Assistant 


Mrs Gower - Head of Early Years


Don't forget that next week is our garden visits. Parents, please make sure you have your paperwork signed/completed and ready for us to collect during our visit. We look forward to seeing you all soon! 



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