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Friday 03.7.2020

Good Morning!

I hope you were all happy to find out that you'll be having Mrs Decarte next year and that this has eased some of the worries you may have had. I will send out details of your Meet the Teacher day at some point today.


I have only received 3 'Let me introduce myself' tasks from yesterday and I would really like to get these sent over to Mrs Decarte as soon as possible; please, if you have not completed it already, can you send me your paragraph in an email, Word document or PowerPoint by Monday!


Activity 1- Complete 'Let me introduce myself' task! (This can be found with yesterday's work!)


Activity 2- I can understand Place Value

Pages 23 to 30 of your Place Value Booklet (I have skipped a few pages, feel free to do these but they are not compulsory!)


Activity 3- Maths Challenge!

Here is a challenge for you! For each question, you will need to write a calculation that will lead you to the answer. See my example below! 


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