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Grove Park Primary School

Friday 19.6.2020

Activity 1- I can write a description.

Following on from your fantastic descriptions last week (I sent a couple to Ms Hague who was very impressed!), I would like you to use the words you looked at yesterday to write a description for each of the images given below. Some of you will need to give me sentences however, others may need to write a short paragraph!


Activity 2- Properties of Shape Assessment.

As explained last week, I will be uploading an assessment booklet each week for numeracy based on a different area of maths. This week is Properties of Shape. Have a go at this booklet in your own time and if there is anything you are stuck on, email me and I will do my best to explain over email/phone call.


Activity 3- Research task!

A research task all about Space today! I would like you to create a poster, fact file or a PowerPoint all about our Solar System! You may decide to research the whole of the Milky Way or, you may decide to focus on one specific planet- it is completely up to you!! 

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