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Friday 24.4.2020

Friday’s Activities


Polite reminder: If I have not had an email from you this week, please can you let me know what you have been up to by the end of the day. Thank you! 

Literacy- I can write a diary entry. 
Your task today is to write a diary entry. Now, you can choose whether you use your imagination and write a diary entry about the best day you could possibly imagine or, you can write a really diary entry about something you have been up to recently. 
In diary entries, it is important that you don’t just write a list of the things you have been up to. Make sure you include:

- Fronted Adverbials (early this morning, after dinner...)

- Feelings!! This is a big one! You must make sure to tell the reader how you’ve been feeling or maybe what you were thinking as you completed an activity! 

Numeracy- As it’s Friday, your main focus is going to be times table practise- have a go at a challenge if you feel ready! 
Can you come up with a fun game to help you remember your times table facts?


Golden Time- below, you will find a ‘30 day challenge’ card. Pick one of the activities (it doesn’t have to be in day order) and have fun being creative! 




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