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Greta Thunberg Class

Welcome to Thunberg's class page. My name is Cathy and I am the class teacher. We also have John and Mandy working in the class too. I hope you enjoy looking at what we have been up.

This week we have enjoyed the story of ‘Stickman’. We have been learning about the ‘s’ sound this week and worked on identifying objects that begin with this sound and those that don’t. Some of us have also worked on putting together a sentence from a picture or object with the ‘s’ sound We have enjoyed making edible stickman and explored things that float and sink.
This week we have been learning about special occasions such as Diwali, Remembrance Sunday and Children in Need. We have made Divas, poppies and Pudsey biscuits. We have made coloured rice bags for our Rangoli patterns and our own class lava lamp. We have been working hard trying to identify the sounds of words and blending words together. In Maths we have been doing lots of counting and recognising numbers as well as some adding. We have been working on our taking turns and sharing too. In understanding the world we have been exploring shadows as part of the Diwali festival of light.
We have enjoyed our first week back at school after half term. This week we have been thinking about firework night and have enjoyed a story about a little hedgehog that gets disturbed from his hibernation during firework night. We had been created a healthy firework rocket, made clay hedgehogs to remind us of the character from the story and been thinking about words to describe the fireworks we see and hear. We have been also working on our one to one correspondence in our counting.
This week we have been learning about Autumn and the changes around our environment. We have made leaf people, explored objects and animals you might see in autumn, used autumnal objects to complete some adding, made our own Halloween sensory bottles and moon sand as well as work on our segmenting of words to do with Halloween.
We have been enjoying the story of ‘Elmer’ this week and how he is made up of many different colours, which makes him stand out from the other elephants. We have been exploring colour in our learning, mixing colours, making our own rainbows in an experiment as well as making our own Elmer biscuits which we enjoyed eating after we cooked them.
This week we have been learning about, ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We have enjoyed retelling the story with props, making our own gingerbread houses out of junk modelling materials, decorating a gingerbread man and making our own play dough then cutting it into a gingerbread man.
This week we have been learning about the story, ‘The Teddy Bears’ Picnic’. We have enjoyed creating our own picnic and making our sandwiches. In music we have enjoyed using the shakers in our singing and making rhythms on the interactive whiteboard.
This week we have been learning about the story, ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We have enjoyed acting out the story and making breakfast for the bears and each other. We have also explored making slime in our sensory play this week.
This week we are have been sharing the story, ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. We have also been exploring how we use our voices to make loud and quiet voices. We are really enjoying our dough disco activity every afternoon. We also enjoyed our first P.E. lesson on equipment this week.
Our first week
We have had a great first week together. Everyone has settled well. We have enjoyed our new outside environment, exploring the garden, bikes and cars. In class we have been getting use to our new class routines and working on our sharing and taking turns. We have especially enjoyed catching fish and painting. 

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