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The Trust Board of Grove Park Primary School consists of 13 Trustees, we include parents, staff and  members from the local community and have been elected by our peers. The Headteacher is a member and as the most senior teacher is responsible for the day to day running of the school.

The composition of the Trust Board ensures that a wide range of skills are available to help support the Headteacher and her team in delivering the best possible education to pupils and also provides extensive knowledge and a range of experience which can help with the various challenges that can confront a school from time to time.

All Trustees work together to take important decisions about how the school is run and how best to ensure that pupils achieve their maximum potential, this is done in a number of ways:

·         By providing support with the strategic direction of the school.

·         Acting as a ‘critical friend’ to the Headteacher and her team.

·         Ensuring that there are clear lines of accountability and these are understood by the whole school community.

Individual Trusteess have areas of responsibility linked to the School Improvement Plan and work closely with the school to monitor and develop these areas to maximise the educational opportunities for our children.

The Trustees are interested in the views of the school community and if you wish to contact us this can be done through the company secretary via the school office.

Leonie Brooks

Chair of Trust Board

Governors for Grove Park Academies


Current Governing Body Structure 2019/20

Brian Carey (Also serves as a Trustee) Simon Mason (Vice Chair)
Katrina Ware David Crompton
Liam McHugh Clair Rayner
Jane Pope Luke Grubb
  Gail Barber (Resigned effective 07-Nov-19)
  Karen Golchehreh 
  Robert Pope


Leonie Brooks (Chair of Trust Board) Ceranne Litton (Executive Headteacher)
Stephen Moakes Nicola Hague (Headteacher, Grove Park Primary School)
Paul Webb  


Governor Information and Attendance 2019/20

Ceranne Litton Trustee, Original (Signatory) Member - - - School employee, Executive Headteacher
Nicola Hague Trustee, Appointed by Foundation / Trust - - - School employee, Headteacher, Grove Park Primary School
Brian Carey Member & Trustee, Original (Signatory) Member


01-Jun-12 (Member)

- -  
Katrina Ware Member - Appointed by Academy Members 11-Feb-16 - - -
Jane Pope Memberm Appointed by Academy Members 28-Nov-16 - - Retired Deputy Head
Liam McHugh Member, Appointed by Academy Members


28-Nov-16 (Member)

- - -
Simon Mason Trustee, Original (Signatory) Member 11-Jun-12 18-Nov-20
  • Vice Chair 2019/20
  • Finance & Resource Committee Chair 2019/20
  • Health & Safety Trustee


Related to school employee
David Crompton Trustee, Appointed by Academy Members 11-Jun-12 18-Apr-21
  • Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare Trustee
Clair Rayner Trustee, Appointed by GB / Board 01-Jun-12 29-Nov-20
  • Finance and General Purpose Committee member
Luke Grubb Trustee, Appointed by GB / Board 08-Dec-16 08-Dec-20
  • Finance and General Purpose Committee member
Karen Golchehreh Trustee, Appointed by GB / Board 07-Nov-19 07-Nov-23
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN) Trustee
Robert Jobe Trustee,  Appointed by Members 13-Nov-19 13-Nov-23    
Leonie Brooks Parent Trustee, Appointed by GB/Board 17-Mar-14 29-Nov-20
  • Chair of Governing Body 2019/20
  • Skills Audit Trustee
Stephen Moakes Parent Trustee, Appointed by GB / Board 17-Mar-14 17-Mar-22
  • Safeguarding Trustee
  • GDPR Trustee
Paul Webb Parent Trustee, Appointed by GB / Board 25-Nov-16 25-Nov-20
  • Pupil Premium Trustee
  • Sports Premium Trustee

Gail Barber

(Resigned effective 07-Nov-19)

Parent Trustee, Appointed by GB / Board 17-Mar-14 17-Mar-22 - -
Stacey Marsh Clerk to Board 01-Dec-18 -
  • Company Secretary



Approved minutes for the last 12 months can be found in 3 separate tabs under Governance, as below:


To request copies of minutes prior to those displayed, please contact the Clerk to  the Board of Trustees below. 



Contact Information

For further information, please feel free to contact the following individuals:

  • Leonie Brooks, Chair to the Board of Trustees



  • Stacey Marsh, Clerk to the Board of Trustees


Grove Park Academy, Hilton Drive, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 1PT

Company Registration Number 08059055

Registered in England and Wales