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Monday 11.5.2020

I hope you all had a lovely long weekend- we certainly had some fantastic weather! Believe it or not, I started writing all of your end of year reports at the weekend so didn't spend too much time in the sun! When looking at your reports though, it dawned on me that, although we had a great few terms before lockdown, I have missed out on so much of the learning you have been doing at home! So, I had an idea! I'm not sure how I am going to do this yet but, in your 'pupil comment', I'd like to be able to acknowledge all of the things you have learnt whilst being at home. For example, I know Kerri-Ann and Flo have been learning to ride their bikes, Lewis has been practising tying his shoelaces and Jack and Jayden have been learning how to cook! I'd be interested in seeing what you have been learning and I'm sure that both you and your parents would like to look back on your reports in years to come to see what you accomplished during lockdown. Therefore, could you all send me an email (or even post a letter to school if you'd like!) listing all of the different life-skills you have been working on and I will make a point of including these in your reports for you to look back on.


Literacy- Apostrophes test! Put your learning from last week to the test with this quiz! If you need a recap, all of the education city activities are still available for you to look at! 


Numeracy- Measurement and Area! 

Today, I’d like you to go around your house and measure the length and width of a range of objects. Use a measuring tool that will allow you to measure each object to the nearest centimetre (if you want more of a challenge then you can use the exact measurement!). Then, using what you learnt last week from your Education City activity, have a go at finding the area of each of the objects you measured. If you have one, you can use a calculator today!

Don’t forget, if you’re working in centimetres the unit for area would be cm2


Art- Abstract Art! Using the internet (or an art book if you have one), research the artist 'Kandinsky'. You should find one of is most famous oil paintings pretty quickly; it's called 'Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles'. Your challenge today is to make your own version of this piece. However, there is a catch! I don't want you to simply copy Kandinsky's work, I want you to make it as unique as possible whilst sticking with his theme of multicoloured circles! For example, you could draw a garden scene but, instead of drawing flowers, use a similar technique with multicoloured circles to create the idea that there are flowers in the garden. You could draw a car but, instead of it being just one colour, you could create a pattern using multicoloured circles. The possibilities are endless! I have included an example below! 





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