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Monday 22.6.2020

Activity 1- Fronted Adverbials Mini Test

You have completed lots of work to do with fronted adverbials now and you are all fantastic at using them! So, have a go at the mini test linked below. Don't panic, the scored won't go anywhere it is just so you can check your understanding. If there are any questions you get stuck on, I am more than happy to email you or give you a call to try and help you! 

Activity 2- I can understand fractions. 

This week is going to be a little bit different. Below, I have attached a booklet full of different fractions questions. The booklet has been split into parts so that similar topics are together. Each day this week, I will give you a part to complete then, I will upload the answers the following day! 

Today, I would like you to complete part 1: I can find and identify fractions.

Remember, when writing a fraction, denominator (the bottom number) tells you how many parts there are altogether and the numerator (the top number) tells you how many parts you have! Look at the picture below for an example- please excuse my drawing!! 


Activity 3- I can locate the 5 oceans.

Using an atlas or the internet. Have a go at labelling the oceans on the map below. If you want to stretch your learning even further, see if you can find out about the different layers of the ocean to give you a head start for tomorrow! 

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