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Monday 29.6.2020

Activity 1- Literacy

For your literacy this week, I would like you to have a go at writing some short stories making sure you include all of the punctuation and writing techniques we have looked at over the past few weeks. There is one catch though to make it a little more challenging! I will be giving you a sentence that I would like you to start your story with! Make sure your stories are full of description! Try your best and let's see what happens!


Your story starter for today is:


"Follow me!" she whispered.



Activity 2- I can understand place value.

You are all pros at place value by now so I have attached a booklet to keep your knowledge ticking over! 

Today, I would like you to have a go at completing pages 4 to 7! Like last week, I will upload the answers later in the week so that you can check them!


Activity 3- PE

We haven't done any physical activities for a little while so I thought I'd give you something to get you all moving! Below, I have attached some 8 minute workout cards. Print or write these out and fold them up into a cup. At different times throughout the day, pick an activity out of the cup and complete the exercise described. You could make it even more interesting by giving your parents control as to when you complete the activities- throughout the day, whenever your parent/sibling shouts the word 'move' you have to stop what you're doing and complete a movement task! 

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