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Hello everyone! smiley


Please explore this page to see what your friends and teachers have been up to at home, we hope you enjoy!

New photos will be uploaded every Wednesday.


If you would like your pictures posted for all your friends to see, please email Miss Banks. 

Picture 1 Florence has been working hard on her maths!
Picture 2 Sofia painting her rainbow in the garden.
Picture 3 Wow! Sofia's finished rainbow.
Picture 4 Whose window is this? Her children made rainbows!
Picture 5 Jerry helping Miss Banks with her school work.
Picture 6 Robert's lovely writing about his weekend at home.
Picture 7 Kiera has decorated her castle fir for a queen!
Picture 8 Lara's finisher her beautiful unicorn castle.
Picture 9 Francesca and her colourful rainbow, wow!
Picture 10 Bella has been working hard with her writing.
Picture 11 Bella has also been doing some fine OT!
Picture 12 Ivy's sentences using her hfw's.
Picture 13 Skyla working super hard on her sentences.
Picture 14 Wow, Skyla's finished work!
Picture 15 Connor working hard on his writing.
Picture 16 Connor exploring the online learning.
Picture 17 Wynne's adventures at home, including some yoga!
Picture 18 Hetti's in the Easter spirit with her bonnet!
Picture 19 Ben learning on the laptop.
Picture 20 Ben's writing about a book he read.
Picture 21 Sofia came across a horse on her walk!
Picture 22 Sofia on her daily walk.
Picture 23 Hetti reading before bed in her fab pyjamas!
Picture 24 Toby painting his castle in the sunshine.
Picture 25 Toby bird watching in the garden.
Picture 26 William enjoying Horrid Henry books.
Picture 27 Teddy made a bird house with his mum.
Picture 28 Lily drew a picture for a class friend.
Picture 29 Lily's in the easter spirit with her colouring.
Picture 30 Hetti and her sister found a swing and den.
Picture 31 Keira has been writing about drawbridge's.
Picture 32 Wynne's choc chip and banana muffins!
Picture 33 Hetti and her weather chart.
Picture 34 Amber writing us some sentences.
Picture 35 Amber's castle and writing about drawbridge's.
Picture 36 Lara practising her maths.
Picture 37 Darcy has been baking with mummy.
Picture 38 Darcy's writing and drawing about drawbridge's.
Picture 39 Ben made a ham sandwich.
Picture 40 Florence and her yummy sandwich.
Picture 41 Annabel has been learning how to sew.
Picture 42 Alyssia has been working hard at home.
Picture 43 Wynne's sandwich making collage.
Picture 44 Charley spent a night camping in the garden!
Picture 45 Bella and her yummy cucumber sandwich.
Picture 46 Harvey had chocolate spread in her sandwich.
Picture 47 Sofia has been baking cakes.
Picture 48 Sofia has become pen pals with Darcy.
Picture 49 Olivia lost her first tooth!
Picture 50 Olivia made some lovely toasties.
Picture 51 Kiera's castle fact file.
Picture 52 Charley has been a busy bee with all her learning.
Picture 53 Poppy has posted a birthday card for Captain Tom!
Picture 54 Ben's fantastic puzzles, showing the oceans.
Picture 55 Ben has made Captain Tom a birthday card :)
Picture 56 Brody has been helping build a tree house!
Picture 57 Lily has been on an Easter egg hunt.
Picture 58 Robert's writing all about his castle.
Picture 59 Faye's card for Captain Tom :)
Picture 60 Darcy smiling on her walk.
Picture 61 Wynne's lovely birthday card for Captain Tom.
Picture 62 Hetti's Easter theme castle.
Picture 63 Toby and his Easter scroll.
Picture 64 Kiera doing a great job with the washing up!
Picture 65 Connor's learning chart, fab work Connor!
Picture 66 Florence reading to her little sister.
Picture 67 Harvey and his yummy cakes.
Picture 68 Harvey acts of kindness.
Picture 69 Hetti and her sister with their finished puzzle.
Picture 70 Keira on the iPad.
Picture 71 Alyssia and her work.
Picture 72 Sofia being a hairdresser.
Picture 73 Robert's lovely work.
Picture 74 Louie found a friend in the garden!
Picture 75 Ollie's fab ocean's work.
Picture 76 Connor carried out a science experiment.
Picture 77 Teddy and Charley with their shoe laces.
Picture 78 Hetti practising tying her shoes.
Picture 79 Darcy practising her tying skills.
Picture 80 Brody made himself a horse.
Picture 81 Isobel's ocean work.
Picture 82 Summer's ocean work.
Picture 83 Keira with her England flag.
Picture 84 Toby posting his car to Captain Tom.
Picture 85 Sara Maria's on her balance beam.
Picture 86 Poppy's ocean work.
Picture 87 Teddy working hard outside.
Picture 88 Lara's ocean work.
Picture 89 Bella G and her great writing.
Picture 90 Annabelle's fab colouring.
Picture 91 Faye and her wonderful puzzle!
Picture 92 Sara Maria's sword and shield.
Picture 93 Florence's card to Captain Tom.
Picture 94 Darcy and her VE party.
Picture 95 Lily and her Spitfire.
Picture 96 Daniel's lego VE party.
Picture 97 Charley's VE party.
Picture 98 Ollie following a wartime recipe.
Picture 99 Bella and her sister celebrating VE day.
Picture 100 Keira testing our her paper plane.
Picture 101 Brody and his family made a wind turbine.
Picture 102 Connor wrote a letter to his nanny.
Picture 103 Hetti's superhero, her doll.
Picture 104 Amber and her sister celebrating VE day.
Picture 105 Toby and his cute dog!
Picture 106 Bella G's beautiful story trail.
Picture 107 Ben cutting jaffa cakes into quarters.
Picture 108 Riley's no bake chocolate cake, yum!
Picture 109 Mrs Watts dressed up for VE day.
Picture 110 Teddy and his brother inside their wooden house!
Picture 111 Teddy got his hands on a KFC!
Picture 112 Ben and his homemade Supertato!

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