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Pictures of your fantastic home learning!

Picture 1 A very kind idea to make a package for key workers
Picture 2 What an amazing picture of our solar system, Aidan
Picture 3 Learning some very important life skills
Picture 4 Sanding and oiling your own stick - well done!
Picture 5 Hard at work!
Picture 6 What a brilliant Roman mosaic, well done.
Picture 7 Some excellent solar system facts and pictures.
Picture 8 A future astronaut Jack?
Picture 9 Great work on the skeleton.
Picture 10 Observing tadpoles.
Picture 11 Getting fit with Joe Wicks.
Picture 12 What a brilliant space project Tristan.
Picture 13 A Roman mosaic by Jenson
Picture 14 What a brilliant idea Tom.
Picture 15 Amazing space project!
Picture 16 What a creative space project
Picture 17 Beautiful and a very important message Kelvin!
Picture 18 Thankyou Adetola for a rainbow to keep us positive
Picture 19 What an important message supporting our NHS
Picture 20 A beautiful poem and so true
Picture 21 Great space work. Another budding astronaut!
Picture 22 A fantastic mnemonic to remember the planets!
Picture 23 A brilliant, brainbusting science experiment!
Picture 24 Great baking! I'm sure they were delicious.
Picture 25 Wondeful Easter cards.
Picture 26 This race track looks amazing. Great engineering!
Picture 27 A fantastic Roman mosaic, Kelvin!
Picture 28 Working hard thinking of descriptive language
Picture 29 Fabulous French, literacy and numeracy, Sebastian!
Picture 30 A lovely poster, Happy Easter to you too!
Picture 31 Super plant science from Charlie.
Picture 32 Seeds!
Picture 33 A brilliant experiment Charlie.
Picture 34 Great science from Sebastian.
Picture 35 Working hard, well done!
Picture 36 Fantastic science work on plants!
Picture 37 An excellent plant diagram!
Picture 38 A small but tricky Pikachu.
Picture 39 An amazing rainbow experiment, well done Aidan.
Picture 40 Growing cress.
Picture 41 Happy Birthday! An amazing cake!
Picture 42 Olivia working hard on the computer.
Picture 43 Amazing science pictures.
Picture 44 And another one!
Picture 45 Fantastic science work!
Picture 46 Evie's greenhouse! This was it to begin with...
Picture 47 ...and this is it now! Excellent gardening, Evie!
Picture 48 Lovely science work from Archie.
Picture 49 Life skills with Archie.
Picture 50 Working hard.
Picture 51 Enjoying the sunny weather in the garden.
Picture 52 Great diagram Frankie.
Picture 53 Growing seeds!
Picture 54 Fantastic gardening skills.
Picture 55 An excellent labelled plant diagram, Adetola!
Picture 56 Let's see how Adetola's garlic will grow!
Picture 57 I think you managed to make the tallest sunflower!
Picture 58 Well done Jack, a lovely picture.
Picture 59 A lovely piece of writing.
Picture 60 Good comprehension skills Jack.
Picture 61 Full of concentration...
Picture 62 plant cress seeds. Well done!
Picture 63 Busy birdwatching with Tom!
Picture 64 Breadmaking by Evie
Picture 65 An excellent habitats factsheet, Evie!
Picture 66 Glad to hear you loved doing your habitats project
Picture 67 More animal facts from Evie
Picture 68 Great map showing different climates and plants.
Picture 69 Wow, a certificate!
Picture 70 Working hard!
Picture 71 Brilliant junk modelling skills Aidan.
Picture 72 A fantastic habitats project from Archie Sk
Picture 73 An excellent habitats project, well done
Picture 74 Charlie has been working hard.
Picture 75 Well done.
Picture 76 Well done Charlie.
Picture 77 Great research.
Picture 78 Even more work.
Picture 79 What a great picture Charlie.
Picture 80 Excellent literacy work from Sebastian
Picture 81 Fantastic habitats fact file, Sebastian!
Picture 82 Masterchef!
Picture 83 Looks good
Picture 84 These look delicious!
Picture 85 A messy chocolate Easter.
Picture 86 Blowing bubbles in the sunshine.
Picture 87 Looks yummy!
Picture 88 Olivia has been working hard on the computer.
Picture 89 Great gardening skills.
Picture 90 A beautiful idea for a family activity
Picture 91 Jenson hard at work.
Picture 92 Great work!
Picture 93 Fascinating flamingo facts!
Picture 94 An excellent habitats project
Picture 95 Great work Adetola.
Picture 96 Busy learning new skills.
Picture 97 Great history work Kelvin.
Picture 98 Can you translate the message?
Picture 99 Lego bunting for VE day, great idea.
Picture 100 Archie made a bird feeder at virtual cubs.
Picture 101 Keeping fit at home.
Picture 102 Excellent Vikings research and longship, Sebastian
Picture 103 Showing us where the Vikings came from!
Picture 104 Getting creative
Picture 105 An excellent poster to celebrate VE day!
Picture 106 Charlie has made sone viking bread.
Picture 107 A fantastic Vikings fact sheet!
Picture 108 Helping her sister make crepes for Y6 French week
Picture 109 Building amazing birdhouses!
Picture 110 Oliver's brilliant pond.
Picture 111 An amazing viking ship from Kelvin.
Picture 112 A brilliant viking ship from Finley.
Picture 113 Finley's fantastic Viking boat
Picture 114 Jenson working hard on his VE day display
Picture 115 An amazing VE day display, Jenson!
Picture 116 Enjoying a really good book.
Picture 117 Having fun on VE day.
Picture 118 Working hard with a smile.
Picture 119 Great volcano research.
Picture 120 Amazing volcano artwork.
Picture 121 An amazing volcano Charlie.
Picture 122 Charlie is an official volcano expert.
Picture 123 Hard at work on his volcano project
Picture 124 A brilliant volcano painting, Aidan!
Picture 125 Well done Aidan, great work
Picture 126 Delicious-looking pizzas Ethyn!
Picture 127 Keeping up the rugby skills!
Picture 128 What an impressive Knex rollercoaster!
Picture 129 Frankie hard at work and looking like a pro!
Picture 130 Excellent Mount Vesuvius facts, Kelvin!
Picture 131 The results of the plant project - excellent!
Picture 132 Brilliant reading about volcanoes
Picture 133 Excellent volcano work, Poppy!
Picture 134 Poppy has been enjoying her research this week
Picture 135 Great work on the ring of fire!
Picture 136 A brilliant volcano -before painting and erupting!
Picture 137 Tom's volcano in the making
Picture 138 A fantastic volcano project, Tristan
Picture 139 Excellent facts and beautiful drawing!
Picture 140 Mason making the Mauna Loa in Hawaii.
Picture 141 The finished model-amazing!
Picture 142 Good numeracy going on.
Picture 143 Busy in the kitchen.
Picture 144 Great volcano work Evie.
Picture 145 A lovely volcano diagram
Picture 146 Tom's garden volcano.
Picture 147 Great volcano research Brooke
Picture 148 Building a brilliant den.
Picture 149 Excellent volcano research.
Picture 150 Adetola's gardening skills.
Picture 151 Great research Comfort-Grace
Picture 152 Sebastian's amazing volcano work
Picture 153 Tristan's erupting volcano
Picture 154 A bird's eye view
Picture 155 Amazing volcano builder!
Picture 156 Bonjour from Comfort-Grace
Picture 157 Jack tired after a bike ride.
Picture 158 Lovely work on Venice in Italy
Picture 159 Kelvin's brilliant research on Italy.
Picture 160 An excellent Viking ship from Jenson!
Picture 161 What a wonderful NHS poster, Evie
Picture 162 Fantastic facts about France!
Picture 163 A very informative brochure about Switzerland
Picture 164 Tristan's tadpoles are changing into frogs!
Picture 165 Excellent numeracy work from Sebastian
Picture 166 You make us want to go to Greece, Sebastian!
Picture 167 Tom has been researching Spain.
Picture 168 The garlic has finally sprouted! Well done!
Picture 169 An excellent project about Germany, Adetola
Picture 170 What a detailed Spanish flag, well done
Picture 171 Fantastic and well-presented project about Spain!
Picture 172 Tom's medal for completing 20K. Amazing!
Picture 173 Making a healthy and tasty salad!
Picture 174 An excellent food pyramid and food diary Sebastian
Picture 175 Charlie's healthy, balanced diet work.
Picture 176 Charlie as we have never seen him before.
Picture 177 Excellent nutrition research from Tristan!
Picture 178 Tristan made a very creative food board game
Picture 179 The rules of the game...
Picture 180 This would be a great game for golden time!
Picture 181 Evie busy in the kitchen
Picture 182 Tom creating some yummy food
Picture 183 Kelvin's amazing food pyramid.
Picture 184 Jack made his own restaurant. Fajitas!
Picture 185 Working hard!
Picture 186 Sebastian with home grown strawberries.
Picture 187 Busy with the gardening.
Picture 188 Frankie hunting jellyfish.
Picture 189 Hard at work in the kitchen
Picture 190 Great cooking skills.
Picture 191 A healthy kebab.
Picture 192 Having fun outside.
Picture 193 Adetola the chef.
Picture 194 Adetola's restaurant. Happy customers.
Picture 195 Having fun in the woods.
Picture 196 Great hair boys!
Picture 197 Jenson's amazing science experiment.
Picture 198 Fantastic work on light, Tristan
Picture 199 Brilliant shadow drawings by Tristan
Picture 200 Great work on sun safety and shadows
Picture 201 An excellent shadow experiment by Aidan
Picture 202 Making bird feed cake!
Picture 203 A fantastic home-made den!
Picture 204 Sebastian's amazing shadow work.
Picture 205 Comfort-Grace in shadow form.
Picture 206 Jack has been busy!
Picture 207 Comfort-Grace looking cool.
Picture 208 Give us a tune Jack.
Picture 209 Yoghurt pot telephone!
Picture 210 Spot the difference.
Picture 211 Frankie studying online.
Picture 212 Tristan looking at sound!
Picture 213 Happy birthday Sebastian!
Picture 214 Working hard on the sound topic.
Picture 215 Jenson making a call.
Picture 216 Making shadow puppets.
Picture 217 Bike riding trumpet player!
Picture 218 Charlie doing some wiring (with dad)!!!
Picture 219 Observing caterpillars.
Picture 220 Inspecting different types of battery.
Picture 221 What makes these work?
Picture 222 Another medal!
Picture 223 Yoghurt pot telephone.
Picture 224 Having fun on the beach.
Picture 225 Charlie's been busy
Picture 226 Great work on fossils.
Picture 227 Matching fossils by Sebastian.
Picture 228 Looks like fun.

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