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Today would be your dictation day so you will need an adult or sibling to help you with this! 

Ask someone to read the passage below out to you sentence by sentence. Have a go at writing it down whilst they are reading, make sure you focus on your spelling and punctuation.

Once you have written each sentence, ask the person helping you to check your work against the passage they are reading. 


How to Mummify a body- If you’re squeamish look away now!

1. Lay the body on a table, being careful with the body’s arms and legs.

2. Wash the body using a mix of palm oil and water, which mustn’t be contaminated.

3. In order to save the dead body’s looks, don’t cut the brain from the head! Instead push a poker up the dead pharaoh’s nose, it shouldn’t take too long to slice the brain. 

4. Remove the organs and place them in canopic jars. Warning: don’t remove the heart otherwise your mummy won’t be able to reach the after-life.

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