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Science topics are listed in the table below and link to the topic being taught for the term. Science focuses on acquisition of knowledge and experiments.


Year group

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6


Understanding of the World

Year 1

To observe changes across the 4 seasons

To name parts of the human body.


To name light sources

To identify everyday materials

To describe the properties of everyday material

To name common and wild garden plants

To name common animals and their offspring

Year 2

To identify and classify different materials

To observe and describe weather conditions

To identify and name animals and find out about their basic needs

To name plants and animals and their habitats

To explore and compare differences between living and not

To describe how seeds and bulbs grow into plants

Year 3

To classify rocks and know how fossils are


To identify common appliances that run on electricity.

To identify the different parts of plants and how flowers are part of the life cycle of a plant

To identify animals, their skeletons and what nutrition they need.

To know how instruments create sound and how sound travels through objects.

To investigate shadows.

Year 4

To compare and group materials, including solids, liquids and gases

To observe how materials are changed

To compare how things move on differed surfaces linked to forces. To know how magnets work

To construct series and parallel electrical circuits and

To describe the basic digestive system and construct food chains

To group living things in different ways and know why some animals live in particular habitats

Year 5

To describe the life cycles of all animals

To create circuits and know how to vary the components

To understand gravity and resistance

To name the main parts of the human circulatory system

To describe the movement of the Earth and Moon and other planets

To understand about evolution and inheritance

Year 6

To know that light appears to travel in straight lines and know how we see.  

To compare and group materials on the basis of their properties.

To learnt  some changes result in the formation of new materials and some of these changes are irreversible

To recognise the impact of diet, drugs and lifestyle on their body’s function

To describe how living things are classified into broad categories.

To understand about evolution and inheritance and how animals have adapted.


During these topics your child will explore the natural world and begin to learn to answer questions such as: Who has the longest shadow? Does it change through the day? Which material would make the best umbrella? How do we know micro-organisms exist when we cannot see them?

There is a focused task at the end of every term to assess children’s

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