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The Curriculum

At Grove Park we think children learn best by making links between curriculum areas and being allowed to explore and discover things for themselves.


Children are encouraged to work collaboratively and develop a range of skills that will benefit them for life, not just their time at school.


Teaching methods vary and whilst all classrooms have interactive televisions, sometimes there is a return to ‘chalk and talk’ methods. We use as many opportunities as we can to explore the outdoor area and give children experiences with visual, auditory and kinaesthetic (doing) learning. Children are taught in mixed ability groups, with the exception of Soundswrite and work is always appropriately differentiated. There are frequent visitors to school to enhance the curriculum.


The Government is currently reviewing the curriculum and there is no clear date about when the new proposals will be issued. As an academy we have the right to decide our own curriculum and have made the decisions to teach English, Mathematics, PE, Music and RE as discrete subjects; with all other learning centering on a topic. It is very apparent though that Science, History, Geography, Art and DT all have their own identities within our planning.


Early Years Foundation Stage

The EYFS curriculum is used by teachers to plan and assess children as they start school. There is a welcome meeting for all parents of children due to start school in September in the previous June; a summary of the curriculum is distributed then. There is a further follow up meeting to ask any questions.

Children are now screened on entry to Reception, using the new Baseline screening recommended by the government. Standardised scores for English, Mathematics and Personal, Social and Emotional Development are reported to parents.


Transition to year one

Teachers in year one are familiar with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum; and they use this document to plan from in the first term; ensuring continuity and progression for all children. If children are ready to move to the National Curriculum then these documents are also used in planning. There is still a significant amount of play based learning and opportunities to use the outside area.


Transition to year three

We aim to make this transition as easy as possible, for a number of years experienced infant teachers have moved up to both years 3 and 4 to ensure children are supported on their move to the juniors. Children in year 3 initially join the infants for afternoon break at the beginning of the year to ensure the afternoons do not seem too long!



Topic Grids

These are our intended topics for this year.

Year group

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6


(These are subject to change)

Nursery Rhymes and fairytales


Weather and Travel


People who help us


Year 1

Sense of Wonder

Light it up

Once Upon a Time

Raise the Drawbridge

Come Outside

Go Wild

Year 2


Great Fire of London

Spoonful of sugar


Running Wild

Seaside & Pirates

Year 3

Stones and Bones




World Around Us

Making Waves


Year 4


Rule Britannia



King of the Castle

Home Sweet Home

Year 5

To the Extreme


Fasten your Seatbelts

World War II

Swinging Sixties


Year 6

Gift of the Nile



Forces of Nature






  • Please note the May term covers less curriculum due to Statutory assessments

  • More detailed planning grids are available in the curriculum area

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