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Tuesday 12.5.2020

Literacy- Fronted Adverbials

How many fronted adverbials can you come up with? Can you remember what always needs to come after a fronted adverbial? Test your knowledge by completing the activities set on Education City; you'll find them under classwork- Tuesday 12.5.2020


Numeracy- Area

Lots of you sent me some great examples of finding the area of different objects around your home! Now, here's a challenge to really test your knowledge! The shapes you have been given (sheet below) are made up of rectangles. Your job is to calculate the area of the whole shape. So, what you need to do, is find the area of each of the rectangles and then add them together to find the area of the whole shape! Don't forget to use the correct unit for your answers!  


Geography- Famous Landmarks

Have a look at the fact sheet for the Eiffel Tower linked below. Your afternoon task today is to create your own fact sheet for another famous landmark. You will need to use books or the internet to research your chosen landmark and then present your findings. 

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