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Tuesday 23.6.2020

Activity 1- Paragraphs Mini Test

Similar to yesterday but today you will be looking at paragraphs! Before having a go at the worksheet, think about when you might start a new paragraph in writing, is it at the end of each sentence? Is it when you start talking about a new topic? Is it when time changes? There are a few possible answers, can you think of them?


For the last section of the sheet, don't worry about writing the whole story out completely, just summarise the main events! 

Activity 2- Fractions Booklet

I hope you all managed to access the fractions work from yesterday, I have attached the answers for part 1 below so that you can check your work if you would like to! Annoyingly, my printer decided it wanted to run out of ink so I have tried to make the answers clear enough so you have an idea of the correct answers! I have asked Mr Holland to print me off a booklet in school so that they can be clearer tomorrow! 

Today, have a go at completing part 2, all about adding and subtracting fractions! 

Don't forget, when adding fractions the denominator stays the same, you only add or subtract the numerators!

Another hint: if the numerator and denominator are the same, the fraction is equivalent to 1 whole!!! 

Activity 3- Layers of the Ocean

Go through the PowerPoint linked below and read about the different layers of the ocean. When you have finished, have a go at the cut and stick activity to see if you can remember what you have learnt! For those of you who are feeling arty, have a go at drawing your own ocean scene on the template given! 

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