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Tuesday 2.6.2020

Well done to those of you who completed the Shadow Investigation yesterday- it was great to hear that so many of you enjoyed it!


Today's activities follow on from yesterday's so, if you weren't able to complete the previous activities set, focus on those today instead of these ones. 


Activity 1: Below you will find some worksheets all about writing interesting sentences. I have given you the words I want you to include and all you need to do is add the bits around them (we have done activities like this in school!). Here's an example:

Early in the morning                    ferocious                          angrily

I could use these words to write the sentence- Early in the morning, the ferocious waves crashed and splashed angrily.


Activity 2: Using the results you collected yesterday, have a go at drawing a line graph. We did have a go at this as a class before we all had to work from home so I'm hoping it'll come back to you when you start working! A few tips to remember:

- The numbers at the side and bottom of you graph must go up in equal intervals so, if my results were 5, 8, 13, 14. I would choose to go up in 2s and then plot my results accordingly. 

- When plotting your results, remember to put a little x where your point needs to go (you will need to put this where the x and y axis meet)

- When you have plotted all of your points, you need to do a bit of dot-to-dot. Join up your points in order just make sure you don't join your first result and your last result. You should get a line, not a shape. 

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