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Grove Park Primary School

Tuesday 30.6.2020

Activity 1- I can write a story.

Another story starter today! Don't forget to have a go at including:

Capital letters

Full stops

Exclamation Marks

Question Marks

Adjectives and Adverbs




Fronted Adverbials (with commas!)

Subordinate Clauses

Lots and lots of description!!!


Your starter for today:

Peeking through the window her surprise turned to horror...




Activity 2- I can understand place value.

Well done to those of you who made a good start with your booklet yesterday! Today, I would like you to have a go at pages 8-12. Like before, answers will be uploaded later in the week.


Activity 3- Touch Typing

So many of you have done so well with touch typing already! 

Have a go at working through the levels!

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