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Week beginning 20.4.20 Plants

Welcome back 3EP. 

We hope you had a good Easter, even though it was a bit different this year. Does anybody have any chocolate eggs left or have you eaten them all?

We have set you some projects to do this week-don't forget to email us about how you are getting on and send us some pictures for our class page. There are also some 'talk for writing' activities for you at the bottom of the page which you MUST do. Start with Year 2 then work your way up to Year 3. 

You also need to read every day and do some maths tasks from Education City. 


Online learning Week 3




This week, your project is all about PLANTS



I can describe and illustrate the parts of a flowering plant.

I can grow, observe and record the growth of a range of plants.


Choose from one of these activities or you could even think of some of your own. Remember, you don’t have to do all of them but you must draw and label the parts of a plant and talk about their functions.



Plant some seeds and watch them grow everyday and record what you see. You could draw a picture or write a sentence or even take a photo. Mustard and cress seeds are great for this task.


Find out what plants need to grow by designing your own experiment. Think about light, soil, warmth and water.  

Try to make your experiment a fair test and keep a record of what you have been doing.

You MUST draw a picture of a flower and label its different parts using their correct names (Root, stem/trunk, leaves, flower). What is the function of each part of the plant? There is a worksheet at the bottom of the page that you can use to help you. Can you find two flowers that look very different from each other?


If you have a garden you could go on a plant safari and count how many different types of plants there are and draw them or take photographs.


Find plants that live in different parts of the world in different climates. For example, tropical plants, desert plants, plants that live in water, mountain plants and arctic plants. You could show us on a world map where these plants live. Perhaps you could use a balloon like we did in class for the equator and draw the plants on.




Can you find out about some plant world record holders?

The tallest tree, biggest flower, smelliest flower or the world’s weirdest vegetable. Be imaginative-I know some of you love making your own books-could you make a plant world record book?


Find out about carnivorous plants.

Draw/paint your own meat eating plant or even make one with your junk modelling skills. How scary can you make it?




Don’t forget to email us and tell us how you are getting on. Send us a picture and we’ll put it on the class page on the website.

Have fun!








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