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W/b 4.5.2020

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I just wanted to say thank you to you all for your well wishes for our house move- we our now in our new home, albeit surrounded by boxes!! 

I’m sorry that the website looks a bit different today but due to issues with internet/setting up my computer, I’m having to assign your work via my phone so I only have limited website editing access! 

Monday’s Activities


I’ve had quite a few of you requesting more Education City activities so here you go!!! 

Literacy- Education City: Possessive Apostrophes


Numeracy- Education City: Perimeter of rectilinear shapes


Science- Education City: Teeth


You can find all of the resources you need under Classwork- Monday 4.5.20. There are Learn Screens for you to watch first and then online activities for you to complete. If you would like, I have also added some activity sheets if you prefer to complete an activity on paper!


Tuesday’s Activites

Literacy- Carrying on from your work on Education City yesterday, have a go at applying your knowledge to the possessive apostrophes booklet linked below.


Numeracy- Again, following your activities yesterday, you should have an understanding of how to find the perimeter of different shapes. Linked below are 3 worksheets. Pick the one you think is at the correct level for you and have a go at finding the perimeters of the given shapes.


Geography- You’ve looked at UK rivers, now, have a go at locating different UK cities! The sheet you require is linked in the document below (USE THE FIRST SHEET!). You may need access to the internet or an atlas to help you! 


Wednesday’s Activities


Literacy- Education City: Paragraphs


Numeracy- Education City: Area


Both your literacy and numeracy activities today can be found on Education City (they are tablet friendly). Go onto Classwork- Wednesday 6.5.2020.


Geography- Following on from your work yesterday, I’d now like you to locate a number of rivers in the UK. Can you find the rivers using an atlas or Google maps? Why do you think rivers are so important?

Please don’t forget that Thursday and Friday of this week are Inset/ Bank Holidays. Therefore, no work will be set for these days. 
Could I please ask that you send your weekly update by Friday so that I can update Ms Hague of your contact. 


Thank you and enjoy the long weekend,

Mrs Holland 😊

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