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w/c 20.11.2020

This week in Maths we have been working on our multiplication methods.  These become much easier if you are confident of your times tables facts.


Times table are so important in much of our maths learning this year.  Learning and then practising your times table is essential and there are lots of online games, apps and songs that help you. Also, asking your family to call out random questions when you are in the car, or have a few free moments, is great.


If you have discovered a fun, effective way to learn yours, let me know!


This week for homework I have set you some times tables activities on Education City.  I have turned the timer function off so if you need to work the answers out you can.  Eventually you will know these facts and be able to answer them quickly, but you might need a little longer whilst you are learning them.


Red group – you have a single activity using all your times tables facts and applying them to large numbers or more complicated calculations.


Other groups – there are three activities, each on a different focus times table.  We would like you to do at least 2 of the 3 activities over the week.  3 out of 3 would be even better!

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