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Grove Park Primary School

Wednesday 13.5.2020

Literacy- A Pig Called Henry

Today, I would like you to read 'A Pig Called Henry'. Whilst you are reading the book, make a mini dictionary or word list for any new words making sure to include definitions if you need them. Your next few activities will be based on this book so make sure you get reading!


Numeracy- Triangles

So many of you have done a fantastic job learning about perimeter and area so we're going to move onto triangles! Did you know, there are 4 different types of triangles? Follow this link to learn all about them:

What makes the triangles different from each other? 

Using the sheet below, join three points in each circle to form a triangle. Once you have drawn your shape, use what you have learnt to name the triangles you have drawn.


History- The Tudors

After reading 'A Pig Called Henry' write a short paragraph, create a fact sheet or a poster answering the questions: 'What was life like for people during Tudor times?'. To help you look at the facts at the very end of the book! 

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