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Grove Park Primary School

Wednesday 1.4.2020

Literacy- I gave you quite a bit to do for your literacy work yesterday so today, I’d like you to take the time to finish off your stories if you haven’t already- make sure you proof read them!
I would then like you to pick 10 of your spellings (emailed to your parents last week!) and try and learn them- see if you can write a sentence for each word!


Numeracy- Times Table challenges! Today is the last day to get some of those challenges ticked off before the Easter holiday so take the time today to have a practise and see if you can complete the challenge sheets. There is a fantastic game on Education City where, if you log on at the same time as someone else in the class, you can have a times table race! If you log onto Education City, click on subjects-maths, you should see a play live section which will take you to the games! 
Challenge: can you come up with a times table game we could use in class to help you learn them?


As you’re due to finish at 2pm today, I thought I’d give you a fun activity for the afternoon. Grab a pencil and a piece of paper and have a go at following some of these drawing tutorials! The link below will take you to ‘Toothless’ but there are loads more on the channel too! I’ve also uploaded some Disney characters to the ‘Fun Challenges’ page 😊


Take care and have a lovely break from school work! I cannot promise I’ll get back to you instantly but feel free to email me if you’d like a chat 😊

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