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Wednesday 20.5.2020

Literacy- Speech Punctuation Recap

Log onto Education City- Classwork- Wednesday 20.5.2020

Here you will find some activities based on the use of speech punctuation. You should recognise some of these activities already as a few of you have completed them previously however, I would like you to have a quick 10min recap today in order to prepare yourselves for tomorrow's activity.


Numeracy- Equivalent Fractions

Some more practise similar to yesterday's activity to prepare you for tomorrow's challenge! Sheet attached below!



Geography- The Great Barrier Reef

Did you know you can now explore the Great Barrier Reef from the comfort of your own home?

Log onto a computer or laptop and visit Google Maps. In the search bar (where you'd normally search for an address) type 'The Great Barrier Reef'. Then, drag the little man from the bottom right hand corner into the sea- you should then be able to explore! 


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