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Grove Park Primary School

Week 2

Picture 1 Sidney found a frog in the garden!
Picture 2 Sidney has been learning his HFWs.
Picture 3 After watching Masterchef, Eliza baked a cake.
Picture 4 Eliza's first solo bake!
Picture 5 Mia wrote about her favourite activities this week
Picture 6 Jaks enjoyed baking a cake!
Picture 7 Sidney was proud of the sewing he did at school!
Picture 8 Eliza explored how colours change.
Picture 9 Eliza went on a walk and took some virtual photos!
Picture 10 Aderiyike wrote out her HFWs.
Picture 11 Annabel answered some maths calculations.
Picture 12 Alfie decorated his shed with his sister.
Picture 13 Indoor hopscotch. Great idea, Alfie!
Picture 14 A lovely message for Bees from Azalea.
Picture 15 Ethan's own mini-shop, including a trolley!
Picture 16 Ethan and his brother have been busy baking - yum!
Picture 17 Thomas is building cress and sunflowers.
Picture 18 Jaks enjoyed ordering his numbers.
Picture 19 Grace enjoyed PE in her dressing up clothes.
Picture 20 Grace correctly counted the number of shapes.
Picture 21 Lucy made a Powerpoint to share her maths.
Picture 22 Sophia learnt about the Easter story.
Picture 23 Sophia enjoyed musical statues with HFWs!
Picture 24 Lucy painted her house.
Picture 25 Lucy's writing about what she has been up to.
Picture 26 Thomas built a den in his living room.
Picture 27 Thomas has been stacking cups.
Picture 28 Grace has reading some very difficult words!
Picture 29 Annabel joining in with Joe Wicks!
Picture 30 Grace ordered her numbers on the washing line.
Picture 31 Alex built an ambulance using junk materials.
Picture 32 Alex has been keeping up with his home reading!
Picture 33 Alex hoovering at home - well done Alex!!!
Picture 34 Eliza built a skeleton.
Picture 35 Eliza's teddy bears picnic! Great counting Eliza!
Picture 36 Max enjoying the fireman hose activity!
Picture 37 A great shopkeeper, Max.
Picture 38 Riccardo doing the fireman house experiment.
Picture 39 A lovely drawing and message from Riccardo!
Picture 40 Riley's amazing shop of dinosaurs!
Picture 41 I wonder what could float, Riley?
Picture 42 Blake was working hard with his number line!
Picture 43 A fantastic Easter creation by Ethan.
Picture 44 Eva-Lili enjoying the Fireman science experiment.
Picture 45 Grace also had fun doing her science experiment!
Picture 46 PC James enjoying the lovely weather.
Picture 47 Logan has been very busy!
Picture 48 A bit of target (and maths) practise for Logan.
Picture 49 Great job with your number formation, Luca!
Picture 50 Excellent number ordering by Rosie.
Picture 51 What a fantastic magnifying glass, Rosie!
Picture 52 Wow, Scarlett! Great name writing.
Picture 53 Scarlett enjoying being arty in the sun.


Still image for this video
Aderiyike enjoyed her home music lesson on the piano.

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