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Grove Park Primary School

Week 2

Wednesday 1st April


Literacy - Scavenger hunt:

Using your formation sheet, write out the letters of the alphabet in your book. Hunt around the house to find an object beginning with the sound of that letter. Can you create a list of the objects you find? Use your phonics to write down the sounds you can hear. Remember, it doesn’t matter if the word is spelt correctly, as long as it is phonetically plausible.


Maths - Tea party.

Set out a toy tea party with a least 4 toys. Put a bowl and a number card (from 1-10 or 10-20) in front of them. Can you count out that number of sweets/spoonful’s of sugar/crisps etc. into their bowl? Keep feeding your toys until you have used all of your number cards and they are full up!

Can you describe which toy has the most/least amount of food using language of quantity (more/fewer amount/same).



We would like you get creative and do an Easter craft activity. You could:

- Build an Easter bunny using junk materials. 

- Make a butterfly with hand prints. How many colours can you make?

- Create a blossoming tree with dried petals. 

We would love to see where your imagination takes you! 


There are some activity ideas on Twinkl. Use these links:



Visit the Bug Club website and read one of your Bug Club books. The website link is:


Tuesday 31st March 2020



Become a book detective. Choose 5 of your favourite story books. On a piece of paper, create a letter/word search (as pictured below). You could search for HFWs or sounds that you are working on from your pack. Search through your books and see how many times you can find the word/sound. You can make your own magnifying glass to help you find them!



Write out numbers 0-10 or 10-20 on a piece of paper. Use your outside washing line, or make one yourself using strings and some chairs, and peg the numbers in order. 

You could find a small ball, bean bag or scrunched up piece of paper and throw it at your numbers. Which numbers can you hit?



Choose one of the science experiments (attached below - Fireman's Hose or Regrowing Vegetables) and complete with a grown-ups help. We would love to see photos from your experiment! 


Online Activity:

Visit the Espresso website and explore some of the different games and activities.




Monday 30th March 2020



Write out 10 sounds/High Frequency Words (HFW) that you are currently learning and spread them out on your floor. Play some music and when the music stops, jump onto a word and read it out loud. You could ask your siblings or parents to play too!



Create your own mini shop! Get several items from around your house and put a price tag on them; you could even add tags to the items in your lunch. Using coins, count out the correct amount of money you would need to buy each item.



With an adult, look through the 'All About Easter' PowerPoint (attached below). Discuss what Easter means to you and why it is celebrated. 


Online Activity:

Play any game of your choice on Busy Things!




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