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Grove Park Primary School

Week 3

Picture 1 Daisy drew a rainbow for the window.
Picture 2 Daisy has been riding her scooter.
Picture 3 Tommy's teddy bear picnic with numbers.
Picture 4 Eliza calculated sums that made (Apollo) 13.
Picture 5 Eliza drew and labelled a grass hopper.
Picture 6 Eliza's first page of her story.
Picture 7 Lucy's high frequency word search.
Picture 8 Lucy did a skittles science experiment.
Picture 9 Lucy made an Easter wreath.
Picture 10 Tommy's been reading his favourite books.
Picture 11 Tommy made a picture of his daddy.
Picture 12 Ronnie's rainbow art!
Picture 13 Ronnie has been practising his letter formation.
Picture 14 Eliza has been thinking of rhyming words.
Picture 15 Lucy's sea creature.
Picture 16 Daisy's number spider web.
Picture 17 Thomas created a dragon fish!
Picture 18 Blake wrote about watching Sonic over Easter.
Picture 19 Blake working hard in a Star Wars activity book.
Picture 20 Ernest drawing a great sea creature!
Picture 21 They look very tasty, Ethan!
Picture 22 Ethan getting creative with some playdoh.
Picture 23 Harrison makes a great shop keeper!
Picture 24 What fantastic Easter bunnies made by Harrison.
Picture 25 Logan's sea themed playdoh looks like great fun.
Picture 26 Happy birthday Max!
Picture 27 Max went on a word hunt around his garden.
Picture 28 I love Riley's fantastic Easter creations.
Picture 29 Riley practising his counting with his teddies.
Picture 30 Rosie's fab creations for her friends in Bees!
Picture 31 Rosie, I wonder who you have drawn here?!
Picture 32 Max enjoying a game of HFW snap.
Picture 33 Max found lots of circles and spheres!
Picture 34 Riccardo created a great Rainbow Sea Monster!
Picture 35 Wow James - these look delicious!
Picture 36 James created an amazing sea creature!
Picture 37 Alex made a pizza - with homemade dough!
Picture 38 Alex's science experiment is growing well!
Picture 39 Grace made a Mr Potato Pig!
Picture 40 Excellent writing Grace!
Picture 41 Ella learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers!
Picture 42 Harper made his fish! It looks great!
Picture 43 Florence has been playing Mouse Trap!
Picture 44 Excellent writing Jaks!
Picture 45 Alex made a jellyfish.
Picture 46 Jaks on a bike ride with family.
Picture 47 Eliza's tricky maths spider web.
Picture 48 Eliza's weekend news.
Picture 49 Eliza is enjoying our new topic!
Picture 50 Tommy's Easter news.
Picture 51 Tommy's labelled sea creature.
Picture 52 Tommy made his fish. It looks great!
Picture 53 Ernest working out in the sun!
Picture 54 Grace made a McDonalds meal from playdoh - yum!
Picture 55 A fantastic fish made by Grace.
Picture 56 Rosie and her sister made their very own nail bar!
Picture 57 An early morning session of yoga for Rosie.
Picture 58 Sophie made an incredible robot - it's huge!
Picture 59 Eva-Lili found a den in the woods!
Picture 60 A wonderful fish made by Eva-Lili.
Picture 61 Luca enjoying playing with bubbles!
Picture 62 These look amazingly tasty Luca - wow!
Picture 63 Max created a beautiful, colourful fish.
Picture 64 Riccardo enjoyed going for a ride on his bike!
Picture 65 Millie created a fantastic bottle fish!
Picture 66 Millie's been doing great work in her book.
Picture 67 Rosie's colourful fish looks fantastic!
Picture 68 I'm very impressed with Rosie's sea creature.

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